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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Quick....But Messy Peak....

Okay, since I have found my camera, I am going to show you a few things at our new place.  Fair warning, I did not stage my pictures....which means, I didn't clean first.

So, there is stuff on the table and counters, but you can get the general idea.  These are my "before" pictures it will make for a much more dramatic reveal, right?

The kitchen (that I don't actually hate as much as I expected to...although I do still hate the flat top electric stove!):

You can see it is actually a pretty large space.  The island in the center is actual Rainman's old dresser that we are using for storage and another work surface.  It is too narrow, but I love having deep drawers for my Tupperware and baking supplies.  On my wish list is a larger island with an actual countertop. 

"After" plans include:

Taking down the wallpaper border.
Painting the shiny cupboards
Painting the walls.
Eventually getting a much bigger island to work on.

Another view of the kitchen which shows my great windows looking into the backyard.  The white cabinet that has our microwave on it came from a built in closet we had at our Minnesota house (we ripped that out when we put in the lockers).  The plaid curtains have already come down and the kitchen already looks lighter and brighter.

Dining Room:

Again, you will see the border (that is coming down as we speak)

The lighting is a little screwy. Sorry.  You can see the sun porch behind A-girl.  This is right off the kitchen....

A close up of the border and hunter green wall.

Here is a quick picture of the sun porch (with my garage sale IKEA couch and chair that was found for $50!):

We love the swingset and you can also see we have a fire pit!  So excited!  We have already had one bonfire and roasted marshmallows on wire hangers. 

I will show you more later. I am off to remove wallpaper border!!!!


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