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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

La La Logic - Review

V-girl got a chance to try a review all by herself.  She used something called La La Logic which is essentially a Preschool Curriculum.

Yes, V-girl is already in Kindergarten, but I thought it might be fun for her to try something new, and, honestly, who doesn't want to be the smartest one in the room sometimes?!?  Right?

La La Logic is designed for ages 3-6 and it is made up of various brain teaser type games and questions. You know, sort of like sneaky school work!  In addition to the on-line games, you an also print off some activity pages and enrichment activities that you can do together.  There are 500 planned lessons that are what they call "progressive", so even if the first lessons are too easy, they are designed to be done in order, so everyone should start at the same place.

The lessons are things like this....

Match the shape with its shadow.

Or there will be 4 pictures of kids holding things and they will ask you to pick the one with dark hair, holding a cake.  Little observational details, but important in school.    Or, like this one....where you match what you see on stage.

Some of the games are really easy, and some just look easy and take a little more finesse.

We had already picked the color of the shape on the card, then we picked its shape and then we were asked to pick its position on the card.  We were learning to describe an object using symbols.

This was a cool one.  You click on the guard with the flash light...

...when you click on him, his flash light lights up and shows a criminal/burglar carrying a sack with stuff in in.  It just flashes really quick. (Too quick for me to get a screen shot even)  Then, you see your choices below of what the crook was carrying.

The kids need to follow simple instructions as they move through the lesson. The voice of the lady is a little odd....sort of British....sort of lispy.  It was a little funny because at first I didn't believe V-girl when she told me that lady talked funny.  She kept repeating words like "card" in a funny voice.  Then, I sat next to her one day while she worked her lesson and it all made sense.  It is a little odd.  Not deal breakingly odd, just plain, old, odd.

Back to the lessons.  There are things like....put these pictures in order....

Or this one where you have to use the shapes to hide all the pictures, except for the one on the side.  That isn't something you normally see in these kinds of kid's games.

I will say that this is a truly unique curriculum for preschoolers.  I love the way they use the brain teasers, or just the clever way that they make you look at solving the problems.  I have never seen anything like it for this age level before.  Ever.

My only issue is that the lesson are a little long and they don't let you know how far along you are in the lesson.  In theory, the lessons should take 10-20 minutes.  But, sometimes it just seemed like it would never end.  It also repeats itself.  Which I am sure is meant to be a circular approach to learning to circle back and solidify your knowledge. You do have the option to skip activities, which V-girl would sometimes do if they repeated a game she didn't like.  But, my only real complaint is the length it takes to complete a lesson.  Hard to keep interest that long.

That said, it is worth a try for your preschoolers and early elementary aged students.You can try a subscription to La La Logic for a one-time fee of $29.

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