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Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Version of a Mid-Life Crisis....Apparently

So, I did something.  A few things, actually.

After I did them, my sister said, "Changing it up in your 50's!"

I honestly hadn't thought about it as an aging woman choice, just a wanting a change choice.

But, now that I look at it, I guess it is my version of a mid-life crisis.  I just didn't get a hot new car or a hot new man and leave my husband and kids.  LOL

So, here is what I did...I went from this:

  (I still say I had pretty hair, but...)

To this:
Fun and sassy. 

However, apparently that wasn't enough for me, so  a few weeks later, I went back and did this:

Instead of a little red sports car, I got a sassy, little, red hairdo!

I am loving it.  Rainman loves it.  The kids love it.  My mother-in-law even loved it and said it made me look younger.

I will take that!