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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day/Confirmation

My two oldest children got confirmed yesterday, on Mother's Day. 

Our day in Georgia, was very different than what it would have been in Minnesota.

First of all, it was 85 degrees in Georgia.  Big difference.  I believe it was about 50 degrees in Minnesota yesterday!

If we had been in Minnesota for Mother's Day, I would have seen my mother... church and perhaps later for lunch or DQ or something.  I would have given her a hanging basket of flowers (a tradition that goes back many years - that I am now wondering if she liked?!?!)

If we had been in Minnesota for my children's confirmation.  They would have been confirmed in the same church I was confirmed in....and, I think, the same church my dad was confirmed in.  I would have hosted an Open House for family and friends.  My menu probably would have been ham with buttered buns, calico beans, a relish tray, punch and, if she could have been persuaded, one of my mom's beautifully decorated Bible cakes.  I would have invited aunts, uncles, cousins, probably a few second cousins too. 

But, we live in Georgia now.  So, here is how the day went instead.....

A-Girl served me breakfast in bed, just as my alarm went off....

Please note that the grass on her card spells Mom....and the scrambled eggs spell Mom.  She separated the egg whites and used those to make the M's and the yolk to make the O!

We then headed to church for confirmation.  Rainman actually had the day he was able to be there too!!

They made their own confirmation stoles.  I haven't gotten the whole explanation for what everything they drew on them means yet.

Here they are with our Pastor and the Youth Director....

It was a nice service and it was very powerful laying hands on and praying over them.

The Mother's Day portion of my day happened later in the afternoon, when I received a plethora of homemade cards and gifts.  I love each and every one of them.  The funniest one of the day though, goes to S-Girl....who brought me this...

(I just noticed the total blur of A-man in the background!)

Inside this precious package she wrapped herself, was this.....

Now for the funny part.  Rainman buys these in bulk for me at Costco every couple of months.  I eat one every night as my bedtime snack.  We keep them in the back of the pantry.  So, we asked S-Girl where she got my gift and she said she went shopping in the that box....that Daddy got!  Maybe you had to be there....but we all laughed!

We tried to go out to supper at about 4:00 at O'Charley's - thinking that we would be after the "brunch" rush and before the "dinner" rush.  As we drove into the parking lot, we realized that we had tried this same trick last year with the same result....a 1 1/2 hour can do with 6 children!!!

So the search was on for someplace that I wanted to eat for my special day.  Through the chorus of suggestions...McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's....we tried out a BBQ/Rib place that we have driven by many times.  It was good.  I got a yellow carnation.

We came home and I sat on my swing on the back porch and watched the kids play ball and get along in the backyard.....for about 1 1/2 hours.

That was probably the best present of all!