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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Miscellaneous May

Apirl and May have felt particularly crazy this year.  It just seems like it is a never ending list of birthdays, awards ceremonies, banquets, end of season games followed by end of season parties, plus trying to finish our school year strong.

I am just ready to relax a bit.  Think that may be possible?

Here are some highlights:

S-girl's birthday.

College girl, A-girl, was feeling kind of lonely and truly bummed that now as a grown up she wouldn't be home for her birthday for the first time ever.  We surprised her the day before and spent the day together.

L-girl had prom....

Then on her birthday, she got student of the month....

We had Easter Dinner with some "extras".

A-man helped the Easter Bunny out with some of his duties

We sold our big van.  It is very strange not to see it parked outside of our house.  We also no longer own a vehicle that all 8 of us can travel in.  I have a new to me station wagon/SUV thing that is marvelous satellite radio, great a/c....but, I am having a heck of a time parking it because it is so small!  LOL
Did a last minute trip to Minnesota to see Mamna Mia with my mom and sisters.

On a side note:  Delta is a great airline.  I ended up flying home on Mother's Day.  As we sat in the gate area....this is what came along....

They gave out free ice cream treats for Mother's Day!  It was awesome.

Two of my Mother's Day gifts....a cup hand made by S-girl for me.  

The box of cereal is especially meaningful because Rainman, after 22 years of marriage finally knows what my favorite cereal is!  LOL

A-girl made Dean's List both semesters of her freshman year AND got a larger scholarship for next year.

L-Girl was named the MVP for her tennis team and was nominated for Athlete of the Year for our County.  

A-man made the All-Star Baseball team.

D-man got a summer internship close to home.

(He wouldn't smile for his mommy on his first day on the job!)

Seriously, I am getting more and more tired just typing all of this stuff.   My swing band took a brief hiatus during this time, which turned out to be quite helpful to my schedule and sanity.  I had to take a hiatus from the soul band because I can't be two places on the same night, much less three - which is how many of our rehearsal nights were turning out.  

Things are tapering off as the school year winds up, so I should be heading back to rehearsals soon.  Hoping I can breathe a bit and just sit.