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Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Nope...I am still here.  Rainman has been off work which really curtails my computer time.  It is hard to get any of my own really important computer time in when he is having his really important computer time in....following baseball games, hockey games, playing spider solitaire and his latest obsession......Sporcle quizzes.

I do mean obsession.  Some new phrases that we have coined around here is "Dad is sporcling again"....or "Don't ask Daddy a question now, he is sporcling"...."Daddy can't hear you, he is sporcling!"  If you haven't "Sporcled", it is a quiz site where you can find any kind of quiz under the sun.....really.....ANY kind, and they are timed anywhere from 2 minutes up to 25 minutes (could be others - but those are the shortest and longest ones I have seen).  They are fun.  I enjoy them too.  But, I am not obsessed like he is.  This last week, he was trying one that had you list the capitals of all the countries in the world....yes, ALL.  I think there were 195 total.  His first try he got something like 178.  So, being Rainman, he was not going to give up until he could get all of them in the 20 minutes allotted for this quiz.  So, every day, he would try once or twice and get a few more each time....all from his mind or course, not from looking at a map or globe or anything.  Of course, he did this one in addition to the 3 or 4 new quizzes that were published every day.  He finally got all 195 of them the day before he had to head back to work. 

Well spent vacation, in his mind!  I wouldn't have objected to him getting a few more projects done around here - but, I did nickname him Rainman well before we were married....for a reason!

Anyway, now that he is back to work, hopefully I can get my hands on the computer a few times and update you on our lives...outside of Sporcling!

In case you want to try your hand at a quiz, like naming all the Smurfs you can, Oscar nominated actors from the 1950's, the names of the seven dwarfs, or all the capitals in the world, here is the link, so you too can Sporcle

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Urban Retreat

Okay, apparently I need lessons in what the word "tomorrow" means.  Sorry.  Life intervened and I never got time to upload my pictures.

But, here they are.

Here is my bed. 

This is Gus.  My host, Dave, told me that he was there to keep me company because I would probably be missing my little ones.  I am not sure if Dave says this for every visitor and he just adapted his speech for me - but even if he says this to everyone, I gotta admit that I thought it was really sweet and I did miss my kids!

Here is the super cool, super big, dual headed shower that I did NOT use....but it sure is pretty, isn't it?

Here is why I didn't use the super cool, super big, dual headed shower.....

Because there was a super cool, super big, tub!  It even has, on the far side, a hand held shower gizmo thing, so I could wash my hair from the comfort of the tub. 

This is what I used in the tub.  I brought this from home.  When we moved to Georgia, my best friend who lives in Iowa and is far too generous - sent me a whole box full of these bath bombs.  They are huge.  They smell wonderful.  They are awesome!  They can be found at The one I used was Orange Creamsicle.....nummy.

But, even though I spent a LOT of time relaxing in this tub and adding more hot water, as necessary, this is where I spent most of my time.....

The leather wing backed chair to the left, near the window.  I read and read and read some more.  Notice the flat screen T.V. mounted to the wall? 

Didn't touch all.  The kids are still in shock!

It was peaceful and quiet and I could  really lose myself in a book the way I used to be able to before all the little pitter-pattering of feet entered my world.  I wish I could tell you that I read some deep, smarty-pants type of books, but I didn't.  I read a light, kind of snarky, romance-y type by Jennifer Cruisie and then a feel good, small town full of nice folk, Christmas-time one by Debbie MacComber.  Heavenly.

I brought this along for my bedtime snack...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm... stayed up way later than I had intended to....because I could, enjoyed a good night's sleep.  I did wake up a few times, I assume since I am used to getting up a few times each night with baby, but was able to just roll over and go back to sleep!   Aaahhhhh, wonderful.

My host had me just write on a little chalkboard what time I would like coffee and breakfast.  I was awakened to him calling me from outside my door at the time I had requested coffee telling me he was putting it on the chair outside my door for me to enjoy in my room.  Again, I am not sure, but I don't think delivering coffee to people's rooms is the norm at this B&B.  It was great.  I thanked him for it when I went down to breakfast and Dave said, "I was just thinking about you last night and thought that it had probably been a very long time since somebody brought you coffee in bed." 

He was right.  Try never.  Yes, Karen, never. 

Rainman despises coffee and can't believe I drink the stuff.  He doesn't even like to kiss me if I have just had a cup!  I have to admit when I first started drinking it, it wasn't for the taste, but for the warmth at a very cold office - and then from the caffeine-related necessity of it for rearing small children - but, now, I drink it for the taste.... in addition to caffeine!!! So, anyway, Rainman has not ever brought me coffee in bed.  Appreciate what you have sis!

Anyway, I enjoyed my coffee and went down to breakfast.  I dined with another guest from Great Britain who was on a "grand holiday tour".  She was alone and had quit her job, planned to travel for 3 months throughout North America and finish up in Australia for Christmas before going back home to find a new job.  She was going to meet friends in different spots in her trip, but most of it was to be done alone.  Part of me admires her for the courage to do that, part of me is a little scared for her and part of me feels a little sad that she has no one to share all the memories with.  We had a wonderful chat about England, the States, British T.V. shows versus American Shows, pros and cons of our respective healthcare systems, vacation spots we had both been, homeschooling, the economy, a brief explanation of how the House of Commons and the House of Lords work, a brief and sketchy explanation of the Tea Party, the Republic Party and the Democratic name just a few of our topics.  While we talked I had fresh pineapple and strawberries, coffee cake, eggs benedict and fresh squeezed orange juice and more coffee.  It was a wonderful breakfast.

All in all, I had a great time and came home shaved, moisturized, tweezed and relaxed.

If you are ever in the Atlanta Area and would like an "urban retreat" I highly recommend this place.  

Oh, and I think I am supposed to end by saying that neither the Coastal Body Shop people or the Laurel Hill Bed and Breakfast people know me or are paying me anything to talk about their products.  Well, I guess technically, Dave at Laurel Hill sort of "knows" me....but you know what I mean. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!

I think my husband gave me by best birthday gift ever this year.  He is a very sweet guy, but usually not the best gift giver.  Sometimes he gets me a nice gift, but in my opinion, spends waaaaaayyy too much money - which for frugal little old me - ruins the enjoyment of the gift.  Other times, he gets me things that he is excited about for me - thinks I will love - but they miss the mark - Snuggie anyone?  But this year, he gave me a gift that didn't cost too much money, was thoughtful, was something that I needed AND wanted.

To truly appreciate the gift he gave, first, let me review a bit of my life since my birthday last year.  Last year, I was just about 9 months pregnant, living in an ugly little apartment with a stinky couch from Goodwill with 5 kids used to living in the country and being able to run free and make a lot of noise.  I was sleeping on a foam pad on the living room floor - because #1 - there was no bed and #2 that was the only room that stayed cool because of the puny little window a/c unit.

I was still working 2 of my part-time jobs, having coffee dates with my sisters, going to women's group at church and involved in a book club.  I turned 42 last year,  2 weeks later gave birth to V-girl, 3 weeks after that, we packed up the apartment and the 6 kids and drove from Minnesota to our new home in Georgia.

I left behind my jobs, my sisters, my church, my book club and my trusted babysitters....just to name a few.  We had planned for me to "try" being a "real" stay at home mom and if I liked it, we would see if we could make it work financially....if not, I would just get a job.  Well, as noted in this post , while I sort of liked staying at home, our finances could really use some help - but nobody wanted me.

What this has resulted in, is a me that really doesn't get away from the house much, since we home school all of that happens within these 4 walls too.  If I do get out, it is to haul one of my little darlings to some practice/game or book club, no women's group at church, no sisters peaceful car rides to work and back. 

I just really wanted a break.  I would have even taken a date with my husband.....but, all our trusted babysitters were still residing in Minnesota. 

So, fast forward to my birthday this year.  I have trained myself to lower my expectations of my husband suddenly turning into a romance novel hero and giving me the "perfect" gift....

Well, okay, let's be honest, I still secretly hold out hope that he will suddenly "get me" and arrive at the perfect gift idea that even I didn't know I needed/wanted!

Okay, so, what did he get me?

A night at a bed and breakfast......ALONE!

I took pictures and I will post more details tomorrow!!!