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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another April Birthday...

Continuing to share our April birthday celebrations with the rest of is our second birthday (with one more to go).  My oldest daughter, A-Girl just turned 11.

I have started seeing glimpses of the young lady she is going to be.  It first started with her early birthday gift from Gramma - see here.  Here she is at her slumber party with one of the gifts.  You will notice that the girls gave each other make-overs, so she has make-up on, which she isn't allowed to wear yet.  

But, in this picture, and in life, I am starting to see the bone structure shift around and her always big blue eyes - now suddenly seeming to fit in her face with the high cheekbones.


Isn't she beautiful? 


She really is something though.  She is doing better in school this year than ever before.  Partly due to a change in style by her "teachers", I think, but she is also putting more effort into it. 

Her interests and talents are wonderfully varied. 

Just recently, she hit a home run during one of her softball games....

She sewed this....

She used an old pair of blue jeans and some fabric that she ruffled around the edges.

She also made this.....

and this.....

She has a very entrepreneurial spirit and is always coming up with ways to sell things, make things, do things....for a profit!  She already has a few customers for her aprons and other accessories she has made for her American Girl doll owning friends.  She and I are working on some projects to sell at the farmer's market.

She is also sweet, thoughtful, and a natural nurturer - something that gets a lot of use at our house!!!  If one of the littles is sick or crying - she is always first in line (behind me) to jump in and help....even with the gross stuff!  She will make a fabulous mother someday....

But, for right now, she is a fabulous daughter, sister and person!