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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Change is Afoot.....Hopefully

We accidentally bought a new house.

Hahahahaha.  I am not kidding.

I blame A-girl.  She had a babysitting job on the other side of our neighborhood.  I was dropping her off and drove through a part of the neighborhood that I didn't even realize existed. Then I saw the "For Sale" sign and made the fatal error of heading home and looking it up on-line.  It was beautiful.  Slightly over budget.  But, wonderful.  I then made my second mistake and sent a link to Rainman in which I said, "If this house would have been on the market when we were looking, I don't think I would have needed to be convinced to go over budget."  Or something like that.  His response?

"I think we should go look at it."

After a little back and forth and me assuring him that wasn't what I had in mind all along.  (It really wasn't!) We called our very patient realtor and she set up a showing.  D-man was even home from school, so all 8 of us were able to take a look.  About halfway through the home, I turned to the realtor and said, "I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure all 8 of us are on the same page about this house"  I wasn't.  We all loved it.  It had lots of stuff that we wanted, plus a few extra things that we didn't even realize that we wanted.  That said, it is not a perfect house.  There are a few things that I wonder how they will actually work once we get in there.  But, when I was telling one of my friends about the new house, I said, "I can't really explain it.  It just feels peaceful, and....right".

We put in an offer contingent on our selling our house and they accepted.  Then I had to figure out how to whip my house into shape and get it on the market.  So, I have been decluttering and filling up dumpsters instead of blogging.  (The question now becomes, why, in the world, were we living with a literal dumpster full of stuff in our home?)

Now, we wait.....for the perfect buyer/family for our house.

There are also some other things swirling around our family.  Some potentially awesome and exciting changes.  But nothing that I can talk about yet.

I am just praying and praying some more about where God will be leading us.  Praying to have faith in God's timing.

I have been trying to get myself to come and blog more.  The problem is that I seem to have turned into a bit of a whiny curmudgeon in my thought processes.  I am not sure you will want to hear how annoying I find people and situations in our lives.  So, instead of subjecting you to that, I have just stayed away from blogging.

I will try to keep you posted more often on things around here....and, if you have a buyer looking south of Atlanta....send them my way!