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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loreto on the Plains

After our almost fire, we traveled to a little town called, Hartley, to visit with my friend Debbie's aunt and uncle.  They moved to Texas to start a personal care home.....sort of like a nursing home. 

It is called Loreto on the Plains.   We had never met Nan and Ed, but they welcomed us in like we were long lost relatives.  After a bit of confusion about our family being there at the same time as a group of prisoners that were working on painting the "guest house", we sat down and had a meal with them and just visited.  It was nice.

Loreto on the Plains is nice.  It is small.  Like a home.  They have, 3 residents staying with them.  It really is like a home.  They call it "The Home That Faith Built".

They felt that God had called them to build this home and to go into this kind of respect for life ministry.  They didn't have any training in this field. They didn't have the finances to make something like this a reality.  But, they stepped out in faith and went ahead with plans.  They got the training they needed and, through many volunteer hours and donors.....

They succeeded.

My friend, Debbie, and her siblings, donated the beautiful rose front door, in memory of her parents.

Our family spent the day helping out at the house.  Rainman and most of the kids jumped in and helped with some landscape projects outdoors, while A-girl and I helped with kitchen and inside duties.  It was hot.  A-girl and I definitely got the better end of the deal.

Thanks, Nan and Ed for making us feel welcome despite the fact that you were obviously really busy.

If you want more information about their ministry, you can go check out their website.  Loreto on the Plains.

When it was time for us to take off, Nan and Ed followed us out to the van, sang us a farewell song and said a blessing prayer over us before we hit the road.

It was a good day.