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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Route 66.....Oops!

We left Hartley, TX and headed to our next destination Route 66.  The last time we took the Route 66 vacation, we started in California and headed east.  So this time, we started in the east and headed west. 

Apparently, that will mess with your sense of direction.

We stopped and had lunch at the Route 66 Diner in Albuquerque, NM.  We stopped here last time and it was such really great diner food that we wanted to stop again.  I wanted to stop just for the shakes.

This one's for you, Mom!

After lunch we again headed out on Route 66....but this portion of Route 66 wasn't quite as clearly marked.  But, no worries, we had our guide books from last time.  I reclined my seat and dozed a bit.....remember.....the shake. 

It was sunny.  My belly was full. I was just relaxing.

Then, Rainman asked me whether I thought the area looked familiar.....because he didn't.

Well, I took a look around.  Not sure how he expected me to remember countryside from 4 years ago.  Give me a house or an interesting building and yes, I can recall that.  But, rocks and desert-y stuff....nope. 

Kind of all looks the same to me. 

But, he kept saying that it didn't really look familiar to him....but we drove on anyway.  He would say things like:

"I am sure back at that railroad crossing I was supposed to head this way."

Still driving.

"Hmmm, you would think that they would have these roads better marked, wouldn't you?"

Still driving.

"I don't sort of looks familiar, doesn't it?"

Yet, we still drove onward.

We have one of those guidebooks that gives you point by point directions on how to stay on Route 66....even the old beaten up historic parts.  That is what Rainman thought we were doing.  Following the Historic Route 66 that didn't run along with the freeway.

Let me repeat myself, that is what he thought he had done.

It wasn't.

I was trying to find the right page in the guidebook.  He was throwing questions at me about what I was seeing.  But, since neither one of us knew where we were, it wasn't working.

Finally, I, kindly suggested that we pull over and he take a look at a map.  Okay, honestly, I wasn't all that kind....I was sort of snarky and sarcastic (more on that in a future post).

But, when we found a spot to park and look at our maps, we found a hidden gem.

There was a little pull out area that had a little hiking path. 

It was gorgeous.

Plus, we think some of these rock formations are in the movie, Cars.  See in the background?  Remember some of the scenery of the mountains around Radiator Springs?  They were front hoods of old cars.....I think this is what inspired them.

Aren't my big girls looking......well.....old?

We met this cute little crunchy, granola couple and their 2 kids.  Their son was about 2 years old and named Vonnegut.  Their newborn daughter who had the most hair I have ever seen on a newborn was named Francis.  I didn't get pictures of them (not sure how to get permission to do that and not be considered a psycho).....but believe me, they were cute!

The only bad part of this unschedule detour on our trip was that S-girl broke the strap on her crocs.

This truly was one of those times where we took a wrong turn and we all ended up happy about it. 

It was sort of like a little gift to us.  The scenery was spectacular.  I love the pictures we took.  We got a chance to stretch our legs.  We met cute little crunchy, granola children.

Check out A-man's pose in the back.

God really created some beautiful things, didn't he? 

The best part?

You get to enjoy them even if you are a snarky and sarcastic wife.  He is just that good!