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Friday, September 21, 2012

No Money

I am currently out of money to use for my home improvement projects.

Which means, that I have a few walls that are partially painted.  I have painter's tape that was been up for at least a month now.  I have outlet covers that are off.

My bathroom still looks like this.....

You get the idea.

Being out of money also means that I spend a LOT less time on Pinterest.  Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

I keep thinking that our budget will loosen up so I can go get that last can of yellow paint to finish the living room....or the gallon of trim paint I still need to finish the woodwork on the first floor....or the.....fill in the blank......

But, just when I think it is going to be safe for me to head to Lowes.....something comes cleats (because your son's feet have somehow grown to gigantic proportions) accidents.

Yup.  Rainman was in a car accident a few weeks ago.

So, in addition to being out of money.  I have been stressed.  Really stressed.

I will post much more on this later....but, for now, just know that:

He is alive. 

We are very happy.

Before my budget clamped itself shut, I got this cute little clock for my kitchen wall.  I got it from the Dollar Store for about $3.00. 

I know.  It is totally cheap and cheesy looking, but I like it.  I mean, look at the hands on the clock for Pete's sake!

Hopefully our budget drama will release itself soon, so I can get back to painting and taping and pinning!!!