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Thursday, January 23, 2014

House Changes

I cannot tell you how happy I am in our new house.

Really, really happy.

It just feels right for us.

I rejoice in the sunrises through the trees.

I rejoice in watching the deer graze in my yard early in the morning.

I rejoice in the fact that it is feeling and looking more and more like it is "our house".

I have made some changes.  Remember my color problem in the dining room? 

I loved the aqua color in small places, but it ended up being totally overwhelming on the wall.

So, I did this, instead!

So much better.  Now I will just use my aqua as an accent color.  It is a happy room now.  I am very happy.

I love it!  I even added the extra leaf in our table and it still feels like we have a lot of room in here!

I still want to figure out some new curtains....but, overall....I am super happy with it!

Oops, just realized that in this shot the bottom hasn't been repainted yet.....but, you get the idea of how open it looks, right?

I have the old door thingie that I had at the old house and want to hang this up on the wall horizontally....I just have to figure out how to do it because the studs aren't where I need them to, for now, it is just leaning against the wall behind the chairs!

There is my aqua as an accent color! 

I hung this above the fireplace.

I moved a little furniture.

This holds all our school supplies and just the miscellaneous stuff we need during our used to be in the dining room....but this is still close enough to be convenient and now I have room for the big table in there!

I started painting in the kitchen.  I have decided I am NOT ready to touch my cabinets yet, but I still want to.

I will show you pictures of that later.

While I was painting, I put A-girl and L-girl to work and just set them free with our family pictures.  I told them my basic ideas and that I wanted it in our main hallway....and they did it!  They did an awesome job.  It makes me feel really happy seeing their little faces when I walk down the hall every day.

This house is really feeling like home.  Like a family lives here.  Like we belong here.

I am blessed.