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Monday, January 13, 2014

D-Man is 16.....sigh...... oldest is 16.

I am having a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around it.  He even has that "man-shaped" jaw and everything now!

Even though he has been taller than me for a while now.

(On a completely self centered side note:  I felt that I had put a lot of time into my make up on this day....and you can't see ANY on my face!  What is with make-up just disappearing in middle age?!?  Tips?  Pointers?  Anyone?)

He is still (mostly) my sweetheart....mixed in with a bit of confusing man....who doesn't understand how my mind works.....and I don't understand his anymore either! 

Hormones are annoying.

He ended up having a very rushed birthday that ended up getting combined with our family Christmas this year, because Rainman had to rush up to Chicago to be with his mom who has having some weird health issues.

So, we had cake.....

we opened his gifts.....

we went and got our family picture taken for Rainman's church directory, we went grocery shopping and then came home and opened Christmas presents.......

 .....before Rainman caught his flight early on the 24th.

Not a spectacular birthday for him, I am sure.

But, he had lots of stuff to open........

When it was all said and done.....he was 16.  We got to spend it as a family.  I am realizing more and more how time is just rushing and rushing and that he will be moving on, etc.

I mean, this is the first year that he was not in our Santa picture because he had obligations for a leadership program. 

Through no fault of the photographer, to this mommy's eyes, there was  a D-man shaped hole in it......

(Photo courtesy of Randy Wilson Photography)


It makes me weepy.  It makes me sad that this is the first of all the "stuff" he is going to start missing....

This is where I understand those pioneer people that just had their kids buy the farm next door. You really do want them close all the time.  You want them to grow up and be happy and all of that jazz.....but you don't necessarily want them to leave.