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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Before and After Hair

I got a REAL haircut last week.

I was nervous, but excited.  I showed up with my Pinterest hair pictures and crossed my fingers.

I went to a place with the chair that goes up and down and everything!

She even washed my hair. (Honestly, it took her 3 shampoos to get through all my hair!)

It was a big deal.  I haven't had anybody wash my hair for me in a LONG time.  I was sort of magical and relaxing.

When I lived in Minnesota, I went to a friend who cut hair in her kitchen.  And, then, I didn't really trust anyone/know anyone down I just haven't gotten my hair cut.  I took to trimming own split ends.  Then, we found another friend who trimmed me in her kitchen.  But, she quit before I got the courage to get a "real" haircut.  So, as a result, my hair just got long and longer and longer.

Here is what I looked like when I showed up in Georgia.

(Seriously....look at how little and cute S-girl was!  I forget how young she was when we moved here.)

So, here is my before hair....

Those are my natural waves that come out more and more the older I get....and the longer my hair gets.)  (Thanks, Dad!)

Still sort of wet in this here is one from A-girl's birthday date with me.

And, now....the after.....

I love it, but I haven't quite been able to replicate what she did.  She straightened it and then curled my ends.  Waaaay too much work for me on a daily basis....but I might be able to manage it for special occasions!  I made my hair really soft too.  I sort of felt like a movie star.