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Friday, April 3, 2015


Connections are important.

In the business and working world, the connections you make can be invaluable in this job and your next four.  It is called Networking.  Don't burn any bridges.  You never know how someone you meet today can help you get that job you really want next year.  Or something like that.....

Connections are important.

In electricity, the proper connections mean that your lights and t.v. will work and not for instance, start a fire because they were connected improperly.

Connections are important.

We had a new neighbor just move in recently.  We walked over and brought them some cookies to welcome them to the neighborhood.  I was reminded of when I moved to Georgia a little over 5 years ago now.  Hardly anyone reached out and connected with me/us.  We thought for sure there would be some of that famous Southern Hospitality and we would get some pecan pie or boiled peanuts....or something.

But, they didn't come.  We figured there was no way that they had missed us moving in....blond family.....six kids....all that jazz....we are sort of hard to ignore.

We did see our neighbor's teenage daughter out mowing one night, right next to the, after a quick whispered conversation between Rainman and I about whether or not it would be creepy of us to stop and chat with her.....we decided to risk it and stopped, rolled down the window and started chatting.

First things first, that "teenage girl" was actually the mom of the teenagers that lived there.  She looked (and still does)  super young.  She looks just like......

Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing with the the way.

So, it wasn't creepy of us at all.  Whew!

But, we had finally made our connection....with one person.  But, it was enough to help sustain me. Tina sort of saved my life.  I was so bummed to be living in Georgia away from everything I knew and almost everyone I loved.  So bummed.  So lonely.  So lost.  I also had to be the grown up and not let my kids know that I was feeling most of those things.  So, instead, I ate.  A lot.

But, that one tentative connection with Tina, started my love of Georgia and our new home.  She was a true friend.  She said things like "y'all" and "fixin'" in, "Y'all, I was fixin' to come over and introduce myself!"

My next connection came at the little country church that we decided to start attending.  We decided to try the church because it reminded me of my home church that I had grown up in.

Small, little, country church.

It was there that I met Miss Debbie, who would hold V-girl for me, while I sang in the little church choir.  It was there that I learned a little bit more how to discern what people with thick southern drawls were actually saying.  (It is harder than you think.)  We only stayed at the church for about a year partly because our kids ended up being 6 of the 7 children that attended that church.  But, my friendship with Miss Debbie carries on.

My next biggest connections came from the church we started attending after the little country church.  We found the church by accident really.  We drove by and saw a VBS sign and since our church only had 7 children (again....6 of which were mine), we didn't have VBS.  We all decided it would be fun.  The kids because it was a space theme....and me....because unlike my Minnesota VBS days....I wouldn't have to actually be in charge!  Yay!

So, we went to VBS and the they history.  It became our new church home.

It is funny to hear people tell their stories and memories of first meeting our family that week at VBS. Again, we are a hard family to miss, you know?  It is funny to hear their ideas about the harried looking mom with a crazed look in her eyes that stumbled in with 6 kids. (I still don't think I looked like that!)  I have often wondered if they thought I was actually a single mom (since I haven't been able to fit back into my wedding ring since V-girl was born/the move to Georgia....see above reasons) What did they really think of the mom who, even though her 4 year old daughter was a little weepy everyday when she dropped her off, just gave her a hug...and left.   It wasn't that I was heartless and trying to dump my kids off with strangers so I could get a break....I just knew that S-girl is a very sensitive girl and that she would be fine....once I left....and she was.  She loved Miss Pixie and became her faithful little cling-on for the rest of the week.  And, I got a new friend out of the deal too. Pixie. (Yes, Toto, we aren't in Minnesota anymore.  We are in a magical land where people are actually named Pixie!)  

The longer I have spent at that church, the more connections I have made.  The ladies at church have truly become my Georgia family.  The list of names would be too long for me to list here!  They have been the listening ear for any and all things that have come up in my life.  The good and the bad. They are my sounding board on the big heart issues that my sisters and mom aren't here to deal with on a daily basis. They even stepped in and made food and took care of us after my thyroid surgery....just like a family would.

I was asked to share at church recently for Stewardship Sunday.  One of the things that I realized when putting together my notes for that, was that the connections I have made....with my neighbors and my church that these connections have become my hodge podge, stitched together, slight odd and quirky.... pseudo family.

My Georgia family that instead of saying things like "Uffda" and "You betcha" (but, let me say....we don't actually say that one - that is just in the movies) says things like "Fixin'", "Y'all" and "Might Could".  And, yes, they really do say that last one.