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Monday, March 21, 2011

Computer Glitches and Teeth

Hey y'all, I have been gone for a bit longer than I had planned.  First, we got a rogue virus which was a sneaky bugger that I couldn't get around.  So a trip to Best Buy,  a once over by the Geek Squad....and minus a few hundred dollars out of my pocket - I have my computer back!!!

I also just ended up having oral surgery and a tooth removed.  I had the option of getting a crown and paying $864 out of pocket....or having it pulled and paying $171 out of pocket.  I chose option #2.  I did shed a few tears for my tooth....just because it makes me feel like an old woman.  But since we are paying off credit card debt----that $600 some dollars can be put to better use with Visa!

So, I am going to go have my Tylenol #3 and put my feet up and put my face on ice....but I will be back soon and give you updates on 40 Bags in 40 days, one of my kid's got new glasses, and Harry Potter.