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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Brag Day!!!

Okay, my sister, Kandiland, is doing a Linky....gotta tell ya, I am not at all sure what it is - but I am trying it anyway!

I am going to move from youngest to oldest - since the oldest usually gets to go first.

She is 19 months old and just a chucklehead.  I mean that literally - she will just look at you, smile and then just start with this cute little chuckle.  It usually means that she is up to no good or has some plan that she wants you to let her get away with - but you can't help but laugh along with her!!!  She is afraid of going over speed bumps in her stroller - but she will climb almost anything and fling herself from piece of furniture to piece of furniture without so much as a whimper!

Then there is this one...

She is almost 4.  She is a sweetheart, who tries to act like a princess.  Actually she and I had a famous (in our family) argument when she was about 2 years old about this very issue - it went something like this:

Me:  "You are not a princess!"
Her:  "I am too a pwincess!"
Me:  "You are not a princess!  I am not raising any of my girls to be princesses!"
Her:  "I am TOO a pwincess!"
Me:  "We aren't going to argue about this....but you are NOT a princess!"
Her:  "I am a pwincess!  I am."

Pause to let a little time pass...

Her:  "I am too a pwincess!"

That argument aside, she doesn't like to get in trouble and, other than the above argument, if you raise your voice to her (and I mean, not even a real yell - just a stern tone) - her eyes get all big and blinkie, and, if she can, she will go hide.  She absolutely hates it if she hurts someone or makes them cry.

Then we have this little man:

He is 6.  Actually this picture kind of sums him up.  His mouth is always open - and, by the way, isn't it a huge mouth?!?  He is really, really funny.  He tries really, really dangerous things.  He is really, really curious.  He is a really, really big sweetheart.  He loves to snuggle with me and is very good about keeping tabs on just whose turn it is to be with me on the couch.  He likes fairness.  He loves babies.  He makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Moving along...

This little sweetheart is almost 9.  I picked this picture for a reason.  She is very pretty and very photogenic....but every now and then - she gets a little wild...and by wild, I mean, crazy and she just tears around the house being goofy and crazy and usually can't control her hysterical giggling.  This picture, to me, looks like she is getting ready for one of those kinds of moments!  She has a contagious laugh.  We call her our little kitty because she likes to snuggle so much.  This is the one the little man above has to keep an eye on when he is trying to make sure mom doles out fair snuggle time on the couch - she will sneak in if there is ever a moment and just roll herself up into a little ball and let out a little purr....okay, she doesn't really purr - but it is close!  She is always planning.....something.  She is a really fast runner and is one of those people who can just survey a situation in a room quickly and accurately....and use it to her advantage.  This seems like a really good skill to have as an adult.  We will see if I am right.

My oldest daughter...

She is almost 11.  She is very creative and crafty, like my mom.  She is always thinking of new projects to start....sometimes (okay, many times) before she has finished the last one.  She is a little mother-hen to my kids and any kids that cross her path.  She is quietly funny....if that makes sense....she doesn't make all the jokes that some of the other kids do, but when she does, she makes sure they are funny!  She likes to be good at things and (like me), doesn't really want to try things she may not be really good at!  She likes to spend time with me....I am hoping this phase lasts for a while.  She is able to just sit quietly with me, whether it be reading, crocheting, or other busy hand work...she will just "be" with me.  She rubs my head when I have a headache....I guess she is a mother-hen to me too!

My oldest....

He just turned 13.  He is turning into a man in front of my eyes.  It is scary.  Although every now and then, he plops down on the couch next to me to snuggle and doesn't have an ulterior motive.  Really!!!  He is really funny.  He uses his humor to get out of trouble sometimes....I hope this ends up being a good quality in his life.  He loves babies and just told me he is ready for us to have another teeny, tiny, baby in the house again. (You and me both, brother!) Rainman calls him my shadow, because when he has things to tell me, he will just follow me around the house from task to task and talk my ear off.  I don't complain because I am afraid one of these days, he will decide he doesn't really want me to know so much.  He is very his daddy.  He seems to be sensitive to the needs of the underdogs in society...I hope this quality sticks with him. 

Okay, that is it.  My kids in a nutshell.  Being a mother of six...I had to look over this post a few times to make sure I doled out the love and bragging equally before I posted it....hope I did okay!

I just noticed that I sit on the couch a lot and we move babies!!!