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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Eyes Have It

Well, my son, D-Man, has succumbed to the great genes Rainman and I have passed on to him.  He now wears glasses.  We realized that he was having trouble seeing when we would ask him what time it was and he would have to walk all the way over to the clock to tell us.

We had his eyes checked and confirmed he needed glasses and then proceeded to look at the wall of glasses at the eye doctor.  Can you say sticker shock?  I think the cheapest frames we found were about $150 without lenses and the ones we really liked were around $300. 

D-Man is in a competitive math club and his coach wears glasses and always has a different pair on each time we see her.  I told her about Doug and how expensive glasses are and she told me about a great company that I am about to endorse.

**Zenni Optical.

We got 2 pairs of glasses for D-Man for $45

Pair #1 - black wire rims.

Pair #2 Grey plastic frames

I was able to add coating and some other stuff to my order.  I got coating on one pair and not the other.  The frames were $6.95 and $12.95, so the extra cost for was lenses and the coating.  I am fairly certain they were made in China - like everything else these days....but, while I would love to support American made products - if I can get 2 pairs of glasses for under $50, then Ni-Hao, China!!!

Ordering the glasses couldn't have been easier.  We just uploaded a close up picture of D-Man without glasses and then as you shop, you can click the "Try On" button to see what you look like in the glasses.  When you decide on your frames, then you enter your prescription from your doctor, you take a measurement of your eyes from pupil to pupil (which is actually pretty easy - and when we got our glasses we received a little ruler designed just to measure this for next time), and pick your coatings or extras.  That is it.

We got the glasses in a little over a week.  They come with a hard case and a cleaning cloth.

It has been fun to hear D-Man exclaim as he realizes how clearly he can see things now....telling the time from across the room, seeing the leaves on the trees in the field, reading street signs from afar.  All the same stuff I remember being amazed by when I first got glasses in 5th grade!  He can't believe that what he used to see was "normal" and that he didn't realize anything was wrong until we told him.

Oh, and for you friends from up north, D-Man had his first baseball game this week.  He has been having practice for over a month now.  Weird, right???

**Zenni Optical doesn't know who I am or that I love their product/service - so, sadly, I have received no remuneration for this endorsement.