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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

D-man Gets Closer to Actually Being a Man

D-man turned 14 just two days before Christmas. 

My due date, back in 1997, was  December of the OB docs even told me he thought I would deliver by Thanksgiving.  When all was said and done, he was 30 minutes from being born on Christmas Eve. 

Because he is so close to Christmas, sometimes his life celebration gets a little lost in the shuffle.  The good thing about it being so close to Christmas is that the other kids are really in the gift giving mood and want me to bring them to the store so they can get something special for him.

It has become a tradition that I make pancakes for the birthday boy or girl.  They get to use the "birthday" plate that my mom made.  It is a clear glass plate that she somehow attached a piece of fabric to.  (I know that sentence ended in a preposition....but I don't feel like fixing it.)

This fabric is from the old curtains I had in our Minnesota house.  We used the plate in Minnesota too....but, somehow in has more meaning to us in Georgia.

My cabinets were the blue in the plate.  My walls were the yellow.  The ceiling beams were the green....and the dining room next door was the orange.  I really like color. It makes me happy.

D-man asked for an I-pod this year and gave us permission to have it be a combined Christmas/Birthday gift.  He had even scouted out a few used ones that he had found on Craigslist.  Rainman and I decided that we didn't want to pick for him, in case we chose wrong, because that would give him room to whine and complain.

So, inspired by my sister, Karen, he got a money tree for his birthday (and an I-tunes gift card for Christmas).  Just click here if you would like to make your own.

(I guess from the way I took this picture, it looks more like a money arrow....but, you get the idea)

His cake got lost in the shuffle a bit this year, so I didn't make him a cute/creative cake....just a nummy one.  It made me sad.  It did not make him sad.

He has been talking like a man for about a year now (sometimes I even have to ask who I am talking to when I call home - him or Rainman)....but, now he is starting to look like one too....

He was really excited about all the special gifts the kids got him....and even oohed and aahed appropriately over their homemade cards and wrapping paper.  He is starting to act like a man too....sigh....

In case you can't see....I will list off his gifts.  A case of Mountain Dew, tapioca pudding Hubba Bubba gum, Five gum, a bubble gum machine, a plastic football helmet, a Slim Jim, a hacky sack, and $11... that was it.  He was happy.  He was grateful to all. 

Are you wondering about all the gum?  See the truth is....I enjoy gum....but I can't stand listening to other people chew gum.  I got this from my mom too.  I remember being so annoyed when she would snap at me to stop making noises with my gum.  I was sure I wasn't doing anything other than chewing it.....but, now, I see what she means.  I can't stand the noise of it.  So, it is not something that I ever give my kids.  I do not have it in my purse to give to them in church.  So, they have taken to giving it to each other for birthday gifts.  How can I say no to that, right?

He is turning into a really nice guy.  I am proud of him.  He gets frustrated with the little kids sometimes....but, so do I.  He loves his little sisters and doesn't care who knows it....well, at least he doesn't care if people know how he feels about S-girl and V-girl.....

His little brother thinks the world of his big bro....

He is a good kid.  I have already started getting a little sad for the day when he will leave home to go to college. 

I like him. 

I like having him around. 

He makes me laugh.  He usually laughs at my jokes too (something a little hard to come by around here....and I am really funny!)

Happy Birthday, D-man.  You are loved.