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Monday, January 23, 2012

I Want My Mullet Back

Do you know that Billy Ray Cyrus song?  I want my mullet back....

Unfortunately, one of my children has been sporting a mullet....okay, half a mullet....she is cute, but even she cannot rock the mullet.

Can you see how she has hair in the back on one side....but not the other?

Here is the view from the back:

Long and lovely on one side....and basically bald on the other side.

She has rubbed the back of her head on her bed since she was little.  The side where the hair is broken off was the side that she faced, when I nursed her at night. Apparently, she was rubbing off/breaking off her hair on that side.

I kept hoping that once we stopped nursing, she would stop rubbing her head and her hair would grow in.

It didn't.

Someone has suggested that I get her satin sheets.....which would probably help with the breakage, but somehow just seems wrong for a 2 year old to have satin sheets.

So, I had to take matters into my hands....before various relatives grabbed scissors and did it.  It was threatened numerous times at a recent family wedding. 

Here is a little better view right before I (hairdresser extraordinaire) cut her mullet off:

See?  Empty on the right side!

And after!

Cute, huh?  Although, I do sort of miss her little lopsided mullet!