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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crazy Days

We have had some crazy days around here lately.  I tried to fly up to Minnesota to see my mom and sisters.  The added bonus was that I would actually be present for our annual Oscar party.  I never made it.

I sat at the airport all day trying to get on as a standby (you know, one of those perks of working for the airlines).  I sat through 5 flights in about 10 luck.  My suitcase did, in fact, make it to Minnesota and took its sweet time flying back to Georgia!

I cried.

In front of strangers.

I met a nice lady who bought me ice cream.

We have had two members of our church family pass within 24 hours of each other.  Another church member has had an emergency surgery and in the ICU.  Just lots of emotion swirling around.

Rainman and I got to go see the movie Courageous at a friend's church.  Wonderful movie.  Wonderful message.

The big kids have had a few odd jobs for people - a good way for them to earn money and learn responsibility and pride in their work - but also requires me to be their driver to get them to and from....If Rainman is around, it is actually kind of nice.  At the last job D-man worked, I was able to read uninterrupted (except for a visit from a really nice lapdog) for about an hour! 

It has just seemed a bit crazier than usual around here.  Take a look for yourself.....

Her hand shows a reminder to do her homework - History in the Making.

 Nice Snuggie, huh?

Our house suffered from all of our craziness too.....

Could anyone even sit on this couch?

I managed to give D-man a hair cut.....he wanted an in between short cut, before he gets his buzz cut when it officially gets hot down here.

Such a handsome boy, isn't he?

There has been more craziness with birthday parties and company.....but that is all I have time for right is crazy around here, you know?