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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pictures....again....I think....?

Okay....wait a minute....I think this might work.....

("Hair bows" created by A-girl.)

Yup.  We have lift off! 


Alright!  It worked.  I still don't completely understand this whole thing. But, through various blogger friends, I tried multiple things to be able to use pictures in my posts again.  The one that finally worked and I am still not done with is going to and clicking on every single, solitary picture that has magically ended up at that site and reducing the size to 800x600.  I have managed to resize about 100 pictures so far and have about 800 to go. 

I know. 


How do I have that many pictures on there???

So, here is a quick glimpse into our December, so far....then I have to go give the kids their final exams before Christmas break and resize 800 pictures....oh, and wrap gifts and find a time to squeeze in a celebration for D-mans 15th birthday, and clean the house from when I was gone for a week visiting my mom, and catch up on laundry, and watch some of the 23 Christmas movies my babies recorded for me while I was gone with my mom.  You know, the usual.

L-girl got to go ice skating for the first time. 

I know.   In Georgia.  Sad, isn't it?

Pros:  It was really warm. 

Cons:  It was Georgia.  The ice rink was miniscule (like the size of my living room).  It cost $9.00.  There were a lot of unsupervised teens/preteens.  I am fairly certain I saw a 12 year old boy ask a 12 year old girl if she wanted to go smoke a joint while the ice was getting refreshed.  Where are your parents people?!?!?

Since the ice skating cost $9.00 a person.  The rest of us just watched L-girl go round and round on the living room rink.  We found ways to entertain ourselves though.  Right behind the rink is a cute little town that was having its Christmas festival or something, so we wandered the shops while L-girl and her softball team skated.  This railing is, by the way, 2 stories up over a brick pathway, and is the same railing that A-man almost tumbled over because he bet a friend that he could reach out and touch the branches.  I pulled him down by the belt loops (since the top 3/4 of his body was dangling over the railing) and he had to watch the girls skate glued to my side the rest of the night.

This is how our van gets cleaned out.  D-man got the short straw this time around.  He didn't even waste his time getting grocery bags, or even household garbage bags....he just went for the big guns and started tossing!

We had a facial fiasco, a Christmas parade, a trip to Santa and a few other things that I will share after I reduce a few more photos...and take a nap.