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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Pre-Christmas

Here are some of the things we did in preparation for Christmas.

Church Christmas program:  (Caution....bad pictures ahead...I don't know why, but I get the worst, grainy, dark pictures at church....even when I am sitting in the 2nd row)

S-girl as the sheep (2nd from the left) and A-man as the shepherd.  Yes, I realize the irony of their having the evil looking eyes in the celebration of Christ's birth.

L-girl was one of the speaking angels (2nd from the left).

V-girl was a non-speaking angel...

I know many of you moms will understand this next part. 

I had visions of getting really cute pictures of my kids in their costumes after the program.    Because, they looked really cute.  I mean really cute!  I comforted myself with this news after every grainy dark, possessed looking picture that I took during the program.

But, I forgot one little, teeny, tiny, detail.  There is a Christmas cookie extravaganza directly following the program.  My little shepherd, sheep and angels whipped those costumes off and hightailed it to the front of the line.  The little buggers!

I did plop V-girls halo back on her head briefly to get this one:

And I did slow L-girl down enough to get a picture of her....without her costume....

And here is one of S-girl hanging Chrismons ornaments on the tree....oh, well.....

Moving along:

Our town has a Christmas parade.  We have never, ever gone in the 3 years that we have lived here.  It was nothing compared to the Holidazzle we were used to from Minneapolis.  But, let me tell you, there is a lot to be said for a nighttime Christmas parade where it doesn't hurt to breathe and you actually have feeling in your fingers and toes by the end.  Honestly, we wore sweatshirts....not jackets.

The highlight of the parade wasn't this guy, as you would expect.

But, this guy....

Who, if you can see through my dark, grainy shot could do this....

Pop a wheelie on his mower.  There was a whole team of racing lawnmowers racing up and down the streets.

We did go see a sort of grumpy one of these.....

But, above all, we tried to remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season." 

We have spent a lot of time cuddling, baking cookies and watching feel-good Christmas movies (although that hasn't been the same since we lost the Hallmark Channel in our line-up). 

We even went Christmas caroling....which, based on the reaction we kept getting....people don't do anymore....which only leaves me bound and determined to hit more houses next year.  Because, people not Christmas caroling anymore makes me sad.  And, really, when you can carol wearing a t-shirt and jeans....there is no excuse not to do it!

Merry Christmas!


RKO Ideas Galore (by Karen) said...

We are glad the photos are back...looks fun!