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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Hair

I have had my hair a variety of lengths and styles through the years.




(I am the really pale, pregnant one in the center.)


When we moved to Georgia, I had my hair trimmed shortly after we came down.  The outcome was less than stellar.  In the stylists defense, I used a coupon.  I know.  So, I just didn't get my hair cut again.  For two years.

At the end of August when we were traveling home from my Dad's funeral.  We stopped briefly at my best friend's house who lives in Iowa.  She comment on how long my hair had gotten.  Honestly, I was in such a fog from losing my dad that I really don't remember the all.

Last month, we took a trip back to Minnesota, and stopped again, for a few days at her house in Iowa.  We have not exchanged birthday gifts in years.  But, this year, she told me she wanted to do something special for me and that she had gotten me a hair appointment with her former stylist. She assured me that the stylist knew how to deal with thick hair.  She assured me that the stylist also knew how to deal with a client who still finds herself surprised at being fat.  She assured me that the stylist knew how to cut hair around the seemingly sudden appearance of a double chin. 

I did not get good before shots....too excited and too busy trying to get out of the house without the 10 children that were there!

But, here are my afters....taken with her cell phone.  Please ignore the really happy double chin.....okay?

(I also don't think my chest is this large in real least I hope not.....)

Here it is from the back.....

I learned a few things from this experience:

- It really feels good to have someone else wash your hair.

- I am, in fact, still blond.

- I, even at this size, can still feel pretty.

- People with soft hair touch it and fling it around a lot.

- I became one of those aforementioned people.

- If you become one of those people with soft hair that you fling around, your husband will stand behind you (a lot) and sort of pet your head.

- Your best friend will call it "Baby Making Hair" and your husband will just smile.

I honestly didn't realize that I could have soft, smooth, touchable hair.  I have never, had soft, smooth, touchable hair....well, maybe in 4th grade....I do remember people always stroking my hair...but it was really long it might have been that.....

Now, my only problem is figuring out how to create that soft, smooth, touchable hair on my own....because I haven't had soft, smooth, touchable hair since I washed my hair when I got home....believe me, I waited as long as I possibly could before I washed it....because, deep down, I knew that when I fixed it, it wouldn't be soft and smooth.  It hasn't been.

I am not entirely sure that it is possible for me to achieve this look on my own, but, I am going to try...I just need some silicon spray stuff, a blow dryer and a straightener.....I think.

Any of you have ideas or products that will work for me?  Please help!

I want to be one of those girls again.