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Monday, March 10, 2014

A-man is 9

You know how all those older moms will tell younger moms to pay attention....because time moves so quickly?

Consider me another one of those older moms.

It really moves quickly.....and you don't even notice it.  You have to pay attention.

A-man turned the big 9 a few weeks ago.

Following in his big brother's tradition of a not so fantastic celebration on the actual day of his birthday....A-man didn't have a lot on his special day.  It was sort of spread out over 4 days.

A-girl was on a youth retreat on his actual birthday, so we wanted to waited to celebrate, as a family, until she was back.

So, on his actual birthday, I made him pancakes.....

Which he realized flipped over would be a "P".

He chose Rainman to go out to lunch with McDonald's.  This year it wasn't actually because he was excited about the was because they had Lego movie cups as their "toy" for Happy Meals!

That is all that happened on his big day.

The next day, Rainman took him golfing for a full 18 holes, as a special treat.  In A-man's words, "It was sort of boring, but then Dad let me drive the golf cart....then it got fun."

When A-girl got back in town 3 days after his birthday, we had our family party. 

A-man is VERY into superheroes....but especially Captain America.  So, I did my best at his cake.  He told me that the colors weren't exactly right, and I needed some blue by the star, but it was a really good try.  :)

(Isn't his face changing?  He doesn't have that little boy look anymore....)

Then we proceeded to open presents.  My kids get so excited to give each other presents that it is loud, and extra chaotic come gift opening time....but love abounds.  Like here, where A-man is thanking V-girl for her gift....with a little tackle hugging.

Here is one where they are a little more calmed down....

And thanking S-girl....with a little smushed face loving.

Now, before we move on, let me share this little insight into our family dynamics.

Out of all my kids, the ones who fight the most are A-man and L-girl.  Hands down.  They are always up in each other's business and trying to push those buttons to get the other one mad, which leads to them doing something bad, which ultimately leads to someone getting in trouble.  Ideally the one who didn't start the whole thing.  Any parents out there know what I am talking about?

But, the thing is, they know each other.  What I am about to show you, gives me a little hope that they will someday be the best of friends....once their little power struggle....or whatever it is, is over.

Here is what L-girl got for  A-man.  She spent time researching on-line,  asked me to order it for her, then she gave me money to pay for it..

I have to put this next one in just to show a little creepy D-man.....and A-man looking like a cool, floating head, kind of dude with his hat turned backwards.  D-man gave A-man his old baseball hat from his high school team.

A-girl shopped on her retreat at Fort Sumter.  She brought him back a Civil War bullet and a shiny belt buckle.

Rainman and I got A-man a pair of walkie-talkies.....which he is totally in love with.

Funny thing is, he and his mortal enemy, L-girl, have been quite the buddies with them.  They each take one to bed at night and I hear the crackle of them telling each other they are signing off for the night.

There is most definitely hope.

It makes a mother's heart sing.