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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Egglo Entertainment - Review

This is a review for Egglo Entertainment.

This is a fantastic time to try a new this cool Easter activity/book/story.

We were sent a hard copy of the book, The Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure, written by Darcie  Cobos, AND we also got the Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs and a few other goodies.

If you are looking for a new way to do an Easter Egg hunt, or looking for a way to tie in the true Easter story along with a traditional egg hunt, Egglo Entertainment is a company you will want to know about.

This was a super fun way for us to jump into the Easter season a little earlier than normal.

We started on Ash Wednesday, when we got home with our ashes on our foreheads and I started reading the Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure book.  I say "started" because it is sort of a long book.  It is 40 pages...a little long for a quick kids read.  It is a little more chapter book, than storybook.

That would be my only (sort of) criticism of this book.  It has the look of a storybook, great illustrations, great storyline, but it is long and has big pages of reading.  Even though it was a great book, it was a little bit hard to keep the kids attention for a prolonged period of time.

I was actually sort of surprised by that because to me, it was a really interesting story.  Full of mysteries and there were opportunities for the characters in the book to learn to be better people....with real life examples I thought the kids would relate to.  (Like the oldest child always wanting to be in charge of everything!!!)

We also got a downloaded Adventure Audio version of the book, complete with "dings" when it is time to turn the page.  That made it a little easier for them to sit and listen to the book.  This way worked best when they were listening alone, so they could hold the book themselves.  The narrator was very professional and it sounded very radio theatre-like.  For just $2.99, this is a really great addition for you to have....especially if you are the type of parent that doesn't want to read the same book over and over and over.  Good option for parent and child!

Since, I wanted to read to all the littles at the same time, I read it aloud, but broke it up into 2 sessions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, since this product is ideally for ages 4-13, I recruited D-man to be in charge of charging/hiding my eggs for our big egg hunt.

 (He made it pretty easy, because neither one of us was sure how the kids would do in  the dark and we didn't want anyone getting hurt.  This picture makes it look SUPER easy....but they were a little harder to spot in the dark.)

We did the egg hunt on a Sunday night.

I used the little scripture scrolls that I also received to fill the eggs.  They were like the scrolls the kids found in the story.  One would have a clue for their next egg and the other would be a scripture verse.

You can fill them with candy and other treats too, just like a traditional egg hunt.But these were really fun and teeny, tiny.

Okay, here is the truth.   Loved this product.  The kids loved the Egglo eggs.  I wish they would hold their glow for a little bit longer.  We wanted them to hold their charge, but then we had to wait for it to get completely dark, which meant that they lost a bit of their charge before being hidden.

I will be honest, I have always had a little trouble explaining the Easter Bunny and egg hunts to the kids as part of the real celebration of Easter.

Yes, I have heard the explanation that the egg itself is like the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the Egg - shell, white, yolk.  But, that didn't really sit well with me and I am sure that the kids could tell my lack of conviction in what I was talking about.  So, yes we did Easter egg hunts, but they were just a fun part of the springtime/Easter celebration.

With The Egg-Cellent Adventure and the Egglo glow in the dark eggs, I have a way to tie egg hunts into the true and wonderful Easter story.

Jesus is the light of the world.

Jesus lights our way in the darkness.

They opened and read every single scripture scroll too....V-girl obviously needed help reading hers.

Will all of our Easter egg hunts be down in the dark from now on?


But you can bet that this is the start of a family tradition and I can tell you it was a memorable one for all of the kids....big and little. (They have organized and had their own Egglo Easter egg hunt every night since our first one!  They have also had good luck letting the eggs charge in the sunshine during the day and bringing them in and putting them under a lamp while they wait for it to get completely dark....then they recruit one of us older people to hide the eggs and off they go!  They have even taken them to bed with them for a little temporary night light. )

The kids want to put together an Egglo Easter egg hunt for our neighbors....and we are going to.  I just downloaded the sample scavenger hunt available on their website in the Egglo All Year Round section to use for that one.

This would be a fantastic family tradition to start, like we have.  But, it would also be a fantastic program to start at your church too.  It may take a little shift in mindset to get on board for a nighttime egg hunt with flashlights, but once you get the first one under your belt, you won't want to go back to the old way.

Seriously, there is something about the way they gleefully run around the yard looking for the little glowing eggs that is amazing....not in the, "I can't wait and see how much candy I can get kind of way", but in the joy of discovery, "Look!  I found it!" kind of way.

An, I see the light of Jesus....kind of way.....

It is just such an easy and fantastic visual message of Jesus and his love for us on the cross and it really solidifies the message that Jesus is the best light we can have.

You can get a dozen Egglo glow in the dark eggs for $9.99.  The Egg-Cellent Adventure book is also $9.99.  The Scripture Scrolls are $4.29 for a pack.  There is a program guide  that takes all of the thinking work out of putting on your Egglo hunt.  It costs $14.99 and has 60 pages of step by step guidance/instruction, activity, snack, and decoration ideas and printables to make for a super memorable event.

Take a look and see how other TOS crew members handled their Egglo egg hunt.  This is a really cool product.  Really.