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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Thing That I Like About NOT Homeschooling

I have discovered one thing that I like about NOT homeschooling my oldest two kids anymore.

It is......getting their report cards.

Not just the fact that I didn't have to grade all the tests and papers and then do the calculations to determine their grade (yes, we do that stuff in our homeschool). 

My favorite part of getting their report cards, isn't even their grades.  However, I am proud to say that they are both getting straight, honest to goodness, A's.  My favorite thing is actually reading the comments from their teachers.

I mean, I think my kids are totally awesome, most of the time, anyway.

But, to hear the things that their teachers say about them....especially when those things are awesome.

Makes this mom proud when a teacher says that they are always in the best mood after your kid leaves the classroom because of what they do and say (and, I might add, they aren't just the class clown, because they actually got an A in the class too!)  Or that they are just plain and simple doing "amazing" work. 

My heart is happy when the word "stupendous" is used or when the teacher notes that it is evident that your kid has a "shrewd intellect" and now that they are participating more in class discussions that their opinion is respected by the whole class.

That my dear friends, is something that you don't get to see when homeschooling.  A real picture of what the world is seeing from your kids when they are away from you.

I am still a huge advocate of homeschooling.....and LOVE that I have gotten to do it for all of my kids until 9th grade.  If any of the other 4 kids want to continue homeschooling through high school, I will make that happen and it will be awesome.

But, I have to say, hearing teachers say incredible things about my oldest children has been awesome and unexpected blessing for me.