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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Indiana Christmas

I promised you some pictures of the kids over Christmas, so at long last, here they are.  We drove up to Northwest Indiana to spend some time with Rainman's side of the family.  First, the kids started with a rousing game of dress up.

V-Girl isn't quite sure what is happening....

I just noticed that S-Girl kind of got squeezed out of that group here is another where you can see her in all her flower power sunglasses glory!

What you can't see in this picture is just how small A-man's Woody costume is....very, very tight and very, very short....but he still kept it on for at least 30 minutes of rootin' tootin' family fun!

D-Man and A-Girl spent a lot of time playing with the little choice and not because we told them to... even though both of them are getting to the age where they would like to lurk around adult conversations to see what interesting information than can gleen! They are very good with kids and kids love them.  It makes this mommy's heart glad.

Uncle Frank plays Santa every year and here are this years crop of helpful elves.

Here we are at the end of the night.  D-Man is wearing his favorite gift.  The other favorites include:  A-Girl got a fake American Girl doll; L-Girl got a penguin pillow pet; S-Girl got a Baby Alive; V-Girl got her own baby so there won't be any fighting over previously mentioned Baby Alive; and A-Man got something he put on his Christmas wish list.  Something every 5 year old boy covets.....

A hand crafted (by his Auntie Debby), genuine pilgrim hat!  We don't know why he wanted one or where he came up with the idea.....but here it is and here is his smiling face!!!

He also wanted a Boba Fett head from Star Wars which he got and I have recorded on my Christmas gift from Rainman - a new digital video camera....but I have missed placed the computer disk so I can't upload my film...(I guess it isn't really "film" is it?)... onto the computer.  The video is pretty funny, so hopefully I can post that soon!

We headed back to Georgia having missed out on the ice storm that came through while we were gone. Rainman had to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we still managed to squeeze in some family time.

To keep this from getting to be too long a post....I will post about Georgia Christmas later.


Jill said...

Charming, adorable and endearing are all words that come to mind! Thank you for sharing and I, for one, can't wait for the vidoe!

Kandi said...

Fun, fun, fun! It sounds like the kids got some GREAT gifts, and you did, too! Can't wait to see the video and hear more from Christmas! I love S-girl's sunglasses and cheesy grin...all the kids make me smile.

p.s. Your pictures look so much better since you fixed that setting! :)