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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Christmas Lyrics

We just returned from a road trip to visit my husband's side of the family in Northwest Indiana, so I will have more pictures to share later, but I thought I would share the new Christmas lyrics that A-man has been singing!

Deck the Halls with.....wait for it.....Balls of Jolly!

I love those words waaaaay better than the original.....who knows what a Bough of Holly is anyway?!?

Merry Christmas!


RKO Ideas Galore (by Karen) said...

Thanks A-man, You just inspired a gift idea blog post for Auntie next year...I'm sure I can create a ball of jolly!

Kandi said...

Hee hee. Very cute A-man! (I always want to say "Amen" when I hear his name like that.)