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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus In Your Heart

We believe in Jesus at our house.  We believe that he died for each and every one of us.  We believe that this time of year celebrates his birth.

I have one of these....

I am honestly not sure where or when I got it....I am even not sure what it is supposed to be used for.  I have tried to make heart shaped pancakes and the batter just kind of oozed underneath and the end result is a vaguely heart shaped pancake.  I have successfully used it to make heart shaped sandwiches.  Nevertheless, when we moved, I deemed it important enough to pack it into a box and bring it to Georgia with us where it has taken up residence in a drawer that houses all my baking stuff....measuring cups, spoons, scoops, and heart shaped thingies that I don't really know what they are used for.  This drawer is right at V-Girls level, so she unpacks the contents of the drawer at least once daily. 

Recently, when this happened, I asked A-Man to help me pick up.  I went to do something else and left him to do the job on his own.  Then he came over and showed me a new use for the heart... 

Here is what he said....

This is people who don't have Jesus in their heart.

This is people who are thinking about having Jesus in their heart.

This is people who have Jesus in their heart.

I think I like this use for this item best of all.  A visual aid in a lesson from a 5 year old on how Jesus should be IN our heart....not outside and not even just close to their heart!!!


RKO Ideas Galore (by Karen) said...

Awww, Archie. When I first saw it, I thought maybe it was a wine stopper. I guess that kind of goes with Jesus, too!

Anonymous said...

What a cuite! I still remember what he said to me in Sunday School:
Me asking the class: "Where does Jesus live?"
A-Man: "In New York"

I was expecting, in our hearts, but not quite where A-Man thought.

Jill said...

How wonderful! He's a special guy!

Kayla said...

It does have a cork like wooden thing on the end, but then the whole straight part on the bottom swivels, so I don't know what it is for!


Kandi said...

Wow! It really impresses me that a little guy can think so deeply! Isn't it wonderful when they surprise you in such a sweet way? I'm sure Jesus is very proud of him. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats my boy.