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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Only 4 Kids!

Recently, my 2 oldest kids went on a confirmation retreat with our church.  So, I only had 4 kids.  It was fun.  It was weird.  It gave me a sad glimpse of the future when they will start leaving me and go off to college and their own lives. 


While they were gone, Nickelodeon had the Kid's Choice Awards....or as they are known in my house, the KCA's.  It was a very big deal as they had voted on-line for their favorites.

Here they are watching Steven Tyler get interviewed.  L-Girl made them all special snacks and set up the pillows and blankets on the floor so it could be an event!

It was a fun weekend for L-Girl who got to be "top dog" all weekend, however she was surprised to find out that privilege comes with some jobs - like helping buckle car seats, sweeping the floor after everyone else goes up to bed, mixing glasses of chocolate milk as mom finished cooking get the picture....nothing too hard, but when you are used to just waltzing away and things getting magically done....not so fun!  There was a little whining and complaining - but hopefully it gave her a greater appreciation for what D-Man and A-Girl help out with around here!  Probably not. 

I found myself counting heads all weekend....something I do all the time....just to make sure I have all 6 of them with me.  I kept coming up 2 short.  After a short lived jolt, I would remember that they were safely away learning all they could about John Wesley.  Everyone was happy when they came home....especially L-Girl!