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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

S-Girl is 4!!!

My little S-Girl turned 4 this week.   A very big deal for her because it meant she gets to chew gum!

This is her gift from D-man - 2 pieces of gum.  She also got a little gumball machine from A-Girl and a pack of watermelon Trident from L-Girl.  This little rite of passage is a big deal at our house!

When our budget allows, we let the kids pick a special place for lunch or dinner.  We had set aside extra money this month because we have 3 birthdays this month.  So, we told her she could pick anyplace she wanted for dinner....and she chose....

Yup....McDonalds!  I guess it has kind of backfired on us that we use McDonalds for special occasions....usually it is just for road trips because that is the only time we let the kids get Happy Meals.

I just realized as I uploaded this picture that Rainman, D-man, A-man and L-Girl are back at the drink machines!

Anyway, she got to play at the PlayPlacy and get her birthday Happy Meal....

We came home and had our birthday cake...

She wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  She also wanted a pink snake - because she really liked the cake I made for A-man's birthday....which I just realized I never did a post I will show you that later.  But, instead of finding a pink snake,  I made her flowers made out of Starbursts and leaves made out of fruit slices....if you look closely in the center, I made her a tiny little Starburst snake.  She was disappointed because she wanted a "real" snake like A-man got!

I think this is the best picture I have ever gotten of blowing out candles...

She opened the rest of her gifts and cards...always fun to get a little cash from Gramma and Grandpa!

Rainman and I...and by that I her this little pink cash register - because she is constantly playing store or restaurant.

Now that we have it, the little beeping noise it makes as the groceries are purchased is.... a little would think as a mother of six I would know better...but she LOVES I will adjust.

All in all, it was a good day together.  I lost my charger for my video camera so, of course, my video camera was dead, so no video of her birthday which bums me out - but hopefully by our next April birthday I will have found it!!! Wish me luck!

I just had to look at this one again!!!  Love that little wish-making face!!!