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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Know You Are Raising Dave Ramsey Kids When.....

We have been trying to follow Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Plan for about 9 months now.  We are doing really well and - now that Rainman and I are on the same page - have made some great progress.

The big kids sort of "hate" Dave Ramsey right now - because many things aren't in the budget, so we say no to doing them - for right now. 

Short term sacrifice for long term gain.

D-man's joke for me is that anything the kids want to buy, my standard reply is to just say, "Oh, we can make that!" 

But S-Girl seems to have taken a shine to all things Dave.

She loves to play pretend games.  She will play restaurant, hospital, going to work/store, mommy....and house.  Playing house consists of the usual, making meals for the kids, cleaning up, a little pretend yelling about living in a pigsty.....and "doing the budget". 

She has made 3 of her siblings play it in the last two days with her.  She says things like, "Let's do the budget. " "Honey, bring me the calendar.  I need to see what we have coming."  It also consists of listing off items and their prices.  Most of these are pretend, things that Rainman and I do not spend our money on - but apparently in her "house" she does!  Things like bubble gum,  limo rides (no idea how she even knows about these!) new cars, trips to McDonald's, going to the movies( "We have to choose - we don't have money for both Monte Carlo and Cars 2"), and trips to the spa.

She got the trip to the spa idea from this "event" that A-Girl hosted in our living room the other night after we brought home cucumbers from the store.  I can't remember the last time I was at a spa....sigh...

(I love her little Kool-Aid mustache and everyone's chipped nail polish)

Every single game of "house" and "doing the budget" crack me up and gives me hope that some of the lessons Rainman and I are learning about personal finance are rubbing off on her little 4 year old self!