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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sock. Socks. And More Socks.

Rainman came downstairs recently and told me to come take a look at our bedroom.

Oh, I thought....Did he clean up? 

Did he make the bed? 

Did he find a disgusting bug? 

Were the kids doing something cute?

No, to all of the above.

He wanted to show me this.....

In case you cannot tell, this is our collection of unmatched socks.  We usually keep them in that little basket to the left to match up as we do our laundry.  But, as you can see, that is a pretty small basket  and, those are a lot of little socks!

We haven't given up hope yet, so they have all been shoved back into the little basket with the hopes that the next round of laundry will hold magical matches for every one of these little cuties.

There is just something about finally throwing out the sock....or moving it to the rag bag....that, like what happens shortly after saying out loud - (without knocking on wood) -  "Nobody in our house caught that bug that is going around" - that lets you just know that as soon as you give up on that sock and move WILL inevitably find the matching sock!

I am off to do a load of laundry.

Honestly, I do not have high hopes for a happy ending.