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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I love Old Spice.  Classic Old Spice.  Not the new sporty ones.

I loved it before those new commercials with that guy doing all those things like riding a horse backwards and scuba diving came out.

My dad wore their deodorant.  He wore the original round stick formula - as noted in the above picture.  It came in a sort of whitish plastic tube and the deodorant was sort of see- through green.  In the summer time, he would smell like Old Spice, outside, freshly cut grass, and gasoline (probably from the mower).  In the winter time, he would smell like Old Spice, cold, outside, and gasoline (probably from the snowmobiles).  I can still remember when Dad would come home from a hunting trip, he would come home smelling...well, like someone who had been on a hunting trip....but underneath it was still the good ole smell of Old Spice.  He would be all scruffy and unshaven and all of us kids would all insist on a whisker rub from him before he would go get cleaned up.   We would get our whiskers rubs and he would disappear upstairs, and, when he came back smooth shaven and freshly showered, he smelled even more like Old Spice because he had also put on the aftershave!  Aahhh, heaven....

I dated guys that wore other colognes and some of them smelled okay....and frankly, some of them smelled awful.  Honestly, if I get a whiff of Grey Flannel, it still kind of makes me gag.  Yuck!  Then I met Rainman, and guess what?  He wore Old Spice.  Not exclusively...he mixed things up for me and wore Brut a time or two, and some Avon stuff  that came in decorative bottles shaped like ducks, and trucks and other "manly" things.  But, being the smart guy he is, he figured out that Old Spice was my favorite and has now gone exclusive - with both me and Old Spice.  ; )

I suppose it could be considered kind of weird, but I don't care.  I love it that much.  There are other colognes and scents that I like, but there aren't any other ones that I can name by smell alone.

While I like the new ads with Isaiah Mustafa, I sort of miss the old sailor ones with Matthew Perry's dad....and the whistling in the background.

I was brushing my teeth the other day and on the back of Rainman's Old Spice deodorant, I spotted this....

I think that it is safe to say that this is a prophetic statement for my future grandchildren!