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Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had a beautiful night for Trick Or Treating in Georgia, this year.  Here are a few pictures from our night.  We went with some good friends we met when we first moved here....the husband was our mortgage, if you need a good one in the Atlanta area....let me know.  He is awesome!

S-girl was Snow White for our church party....but, she was a cowgirl for Halloween.

A-man was a racecar driver.  Quick can anyone tell me what "kind" of word racecar is???

L-girl was going to be Jasmine but she got her hair cut and then we were going to try to darken her skin color....but it wasn't a good look for she went as I Dream of Jeannie, instead.

A-girl went as a pirate....Yikes.....when did she get so old and grown up looking?

D-man was Harry Potter....

And Rainman was....

Isn't he a cutie?  I didn't even make him dress up this year!!!!

I was a flower....but didn't get a good picture of me.  Here we are right before heading out.

Trick or Treating here in Georgia is like walking through a Southern Living Magazine or Family Fun. 

Everything is beautiful and well manicured....there are fires....

Beautiful porches....with well manicured shrubs.....

Beautiful flowering bushes....on October 31st.....

And this..... is so pretty and quiet....

I love this place.

The kids headed inside for the inevitable candy exchange....then home to bed.

It was a very good day!  Thanks again Smith family!