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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I Am Thankful For....

I am thankful for many things this year.  The "usual" suspects....Rainman, D-man, A-girl, L-girl, A-man, S-girl and V-girl.  My extended family.  Our new life in Georgia that I am getting more and more used to....and even starting to embrace.

But, there is one sort of odd thing that made it on my thankful list this year.  It is even something I shared when we went around the table sharing what we were thankful for.

It is this.....

Seen one before?  It is something called a Crib Tent.

We had one when A-man was little, but by the time he outgrew was pretty ripped up and the zipper wasn't working, so we got rid of it thinking, "We won't ever have another kid that will need one of these!"

Oh how the foolish parent generalizes!

Remember when V-girl would do this....

(Basement stairs)

And this....

(Bedroom staircase upstairs)
And this....

(Couch at Grandma's)
Because of this?


With its features:

See the little phrase right above the mom tossing her baby into the air?  Peace of mind.....from Tots in mind.

That is exactly what this has given me.....Peace of Mind....That and a full night of sleep!

V-girl, as you can see above would get out of her she wouldn't take real naps.  She also started climbing out of her crib in the middle of the night to go "visiting".  She would walk around in the dark...sometimes visiting the boys rooms, sometimes climbing into bed with her sisters....but more often than not, I would hear her little feet pit-patting their way into my bedroom.  She would just climb on up....wiggle her way in between Rainman and I....demand a bit of pillow and roll over and fall asleep.

Now that is sort of cute and theory.....but, she was making me nervous with her walking around.  Our bedroom is right at the top of the stairs and I had visions of her not being quite awake and tumbling, as a light sleeper, I was starting to wake up to every little noise in the house because I kept thinking it was her walking around.  Not the way to a good night's rest for a mother of six who is supposed to be giving her children a great education!

Here she is the first day we set up her Crib Tent....

It was great fun....until we zipped it up and she realized that she could not get out.

She still does not like taking naps and the bargaining begins as soon as we start walking down the hall with her...."I be good mom"....."I be nice mom"...."No nap mom, kay?"...."I stay on couch"

She cries when we lay her down, and that is okay....she does nap....not too long....but at least I know where she is and that she is safe.  Oh, and she doesn't do this anymore....

...which was always good for a few laughs....but the poor thing just needed to sleep!

Bedtime, for some reason is much better....I suspect it is because her sisters are in there with her....but she will usually just say, "nigh....nigh" and lay down.

Ahhhh.....I cannot tell you how great it feels to really and truly get a full night of sleep.....this is the first I have had in over 2 years....other than the few nights she teased me with along the way!

So, yes, I am extremely thankful to Tots in Mind for creating the Crib Tent II.

Oh and the Tots in Mind people have no idea who this well rested mother is.  I, sadly, did not get the Crib Tent for free in exchange for an honest review.  I got my latest Crib Tent from after one last night of desperation....when Rainman had finally had enough ( I think she decided she deserved his pillow) and told me to order that "tent thingie" the next day.

Whatever the reason....I am feeling human again....and thankful for my blessed life!