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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Might Turn Into One of "Those" Blogs

Long story a wee bit shorter.  We wanted to sell our house and move.....but, times being the way they are.....we are stuck.

So, I am finally (after 3 years in the house) painting and hanging pictures and making this place my own.

Part of making this house work for us is sort of re-purposing how we currently use the space.  If I pull this off, I may even get my dining room back and actually be able to eat in it and not just use it  doing school.

I have just started the projects....but I am already excited about what I see.

The people that lived here before us had no children.  None.  The whole house is painted with flat (read.....non-washable) paint.  So, number one, our walls are digusting.  Number two, the house feels very formal and fancy.

I am not, nor have I ever been formal or fancy.

The drapes that came with the house are really nice....heavy, tapestry type fabric.  Pretty.  Formal.  And, definitely NOT me.

(Ignore the picture of A-girl modeling and wearing make-up.....just focus on the curtains.)

Here is the kitchen....which didn't have the full down to the floor draperies....just the topper thingie.

So, I took them all down.  Boy, did it open up the space and make it seem lighter and brighter!

In some parts of the room, there is a chair rail with kind of a burnt orange-y color underneath.  The trim throughout is sort of a creamy beige.

(Pedicare night at our house...complete with reading material!) is what I have done so far....

I have painted the trim white....and done a primer coat on the orange stuff....I think I will keep the bottom looks clean.  I can paint it a high gloss enamel so I can wash all the gross stuff that ends up there right off!

Anybody have an opinions about America's Finest Paint?  I am on a I went for that option. 

So, just a warning....I might turn into one of those blogs where I post all the pictures of my projects and paint color choices and DIY stuff that goes wrong.

Fair warning.  I am a little obsessed.