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Friday, June 1, 2012

Have You Ever Slept in a Wigwam?

After Oops! this isn't Route 66 adventure,  we headed to Holbrook, AZ.  To.....

Sleep in a WIGWAM!!!

We had done this on our last Route 66 trip too....the only difference this time is....we got 2 teepees instead of one.  Everyone had gotten a little bigger since last we have added V-girl to the clan.  So, all the kids sleeping in a double bed like last time just wasn't going to work. 

So we split adult per wigwam....then all the girls decided they wanted to be with I got the boys.  Since we have 4 girls and only 2 boys....I think I had the more comfortable night's sleep!

They are a super cool place to stay.  Small.....but cool....obviously, the walls are slanted, but that also means the shower is slanted....the mirror in the bathroom is slanted.....the wall for the toilet is slanted...

We decided to do something else that we had done the last time we were in town.  Go bowling!  Since our last visit the ownership had changed hands....and it was really quiet....and a little smelly in there.  But we had fun.....and we had the whole place to ourselves!

A-girl showing her stuff.....with the bumpers up!

Great night of family fun.  Expensive night of family fun. Two games for our family cost over $60!  Isn't that unreal? 

Oh, well....we headed out to dinner at this place....

The Cars people also ate here back when they were researching the movie and even include Joe and Aggie in the end credits of the movie.  It is sort of a dive....crooked, wonky floors, mismatched tables and chairs, out of things that were listed on the menu.  But, the food was good and the service was no complaints.  Although the owner of our hotel said she would recommend a different place to us next time....someplace that more of the locals go.

After our bellies were full, we headed back to the wigwams for a little fun.

I think A-girl is on her tippy toes.....

Trying to do the domino thingie without anyone getting hurt. 

Then we separated and went to our separate wigwams.  Then the boys and I spent like a half hour trying to get a decent picture of the three of us.

Oops!  No D-man.

Oops!  No A-man.

Plus there are countless blurry ones, and ones of me with a really bad double chin....

I am not showing you those...

Here is my favorite....although it is still slightly blurry.....

And A-man looks like he is being stabbed.....and is about to hurl.  But, the important thing is....I look good, don't I?  The blur gives me a nice soft touch....and the best double chin!!!

The kids goofed around a little bit in the morning before he headed out.

Shadow stabbing.

Before heading out of town, we swung by Prospector Joe's Trading Post.  Which was just an old abandoned Ember's Restaurant that Prospector Joe now lives in and sells/trades things out of.  Prospector Joe was the only other person at the bowling alley the night before (he came to visit with the new owner and have a cup of "Joe").  We chatted with him a bit and he invited us over for coffee in the morning.

We stopped by his place and got a few A-man's cowboy hat...said our goodbyes (we didn't end up staying for coffee....because he had to get his wood stove going to be able to brew, I don't think he thought we would really stop he wasn't really ready for us) and headed out of town onto our next adventure.