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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just In Time....

I am finally making this house mine and it is just in time.  I told you in this post that since we moved in almost 3 years ago, I have hardly hung up any pictures and personal items.  I did hang up the kids baby pictures in our bedroom, and I hung up these "yearly" portraits on our main level.

I mostly hung them up because most of the nails were already in place from the previous owners.  Our wedding picture is in the middle.  I will confess that these "yearly" photos are not so "yearly".  The picture of D-man was the last one taken while we lived in Minnesota.  The others I took here in Georgia....but they aren't exactly current either.

Notice anything wrong with this little tableau?

Here.  Look again.

Down there.  Bottom right corner.  Yup, an empty frame.  That empty frame has been there since I hung these up....well, that it not entirely true.  It did hold V-girl's 8x10 newborn shot from the hospital until I  felt guilty enough to actually start her scrapbook....when she was about 1.

So, as you know, I have started painting trim and filling all the nail holes that have just been sitting around since we moved in. 

There were a lot of nails that I just let sit in the walls from the previous owners. 

I know. 

It is sad, isn't it?

I am doing this project  little by little, as I have time, or, more accurately, as the kids will leave me alone so I can do it. 

Last night I was painting (actual walls - which I will fill you in on later) as the four youngest kids (D-man and A-girl are on a mission trip) watched Prom.  I know....but, for some reason they love it....and it doesn't have any language or inappropriate content. (I have to admit I love Lloyd and Jesse is one cute, not really a bad boy, "bad boy".)

I walked through this hallway where the pictures are located...

(Like the toy gun and Incredible Hulk fist, plus miscellaneous garbage strewn about?)

....and I found V-girl standing by her play kitchen....but, she wasn't playing.  She was looking up at the pictures on the wall and said,

"Where's me?"

Like I said, this taking pictures down and painting and revamping things is just in time.  I had totally forgotten that there was an empty spot where V-girl should be.  Totally.

I promise you V-girl, momma will actually take the time to order a beautiful picture of you and hang it up when I put these back up!  I promise!