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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Take Me Out To A Really Hot Ballgame

We just got back from another road trip.  This one was up to Indiana for Rainman's reunion and then all the way up to Minnesota for my niece, Kaitlin's wedding.  Before heading back home, we stopped in Chicago and caught a White Sox game. 

I am going to start at the end of our trip with my posts just because I saw this picture.....

We picked up Rainman's mom so she could come with us.  She has been a sport's fan her whole life.  She used to sit on her dad's lap while they listened to the baseball game on their little transistor radio.  He played cards and she would write down the game statistics.  She watches ESPN....even when her boy's aren't visiting.  Really.

We picked the perfect game to attend....well, except for the heat.

It was Polish Heritage Night.  Rainman's dad was Polish and only spoke Polish at home.  Rainman remembers going to Busha's house for Sunday dinner every week and having a few Polish phrases memorized so he could talk to her.  Rainman's mom is Slovak....but has been cooking Polish food for years.

There was Polish music....and Polish Dancers!

There were the usual nummy hotdogs and there was even Polish L-girl is showing you in this picture!

I was there there....

I couldn't complain too much though because there was a lot of action.  The White Sox beat the Texas Rangers 19-2.


It was still about 95 degrees at 9:30.  Yuck!

But, to see my boys this happy....

....was worth it!