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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hair and Dress Up

I have been working on seemingly endless projects around here.  (I will update you soon....although I have forgotten to take some of my before pictures....which doesn't make it nearly as exciting as it actually is when you see the difference between the two!) When I am not forcing the kids to be my assistants....they have been filling their time by playing dress up and fixing each other's hair....and giving themselves tattoos.

A lady can never have enough bags.....can she?

A little closer....

Some hair dos for you....

Photo bomb courtesy of L-girl

(Half French braid....half fish tail braid)

Our friend, E-girl fixed V-girl's hair for her.

All she needs is a little bone to be Pebbles.

A-man decided he wanted to be a football he took some scotch tape and added crayon lines....

Then S-girl decided she needed to be in on the fun too....and NOT as a cheerleader.

You can't really see hers....but she copied A-man.

And, finally.....a sign of things to come???

Although he said he didn't want people to see that it said, "I heart VBS".  We pretended that it actually said, "I heart Mom".