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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A-man is 8!

My not so little guy anymore turned 8 last week.

Well, I guess there is still a little guy in there....

He asked for a red velvet cake this year.  I guess he has officially become a southerner!  And, he wanted his cake decorated with Archie comic books stuff.  I usually try to actually decorate a cake and draw out sketches and scenes.  But, the red velt cake mix I got had this filling stuff and you were supposed to bake it in a Bundt pan.
So, instead of one of my "masterpieces", he got this....
He has always loved Archie comics.  There used to be a little used book store in our town that had cardboard box after cardboard box of old comic books that he used to dig through and get.
Anyway, in typical fashion he was happy with his cake and anything that happened that day.
I think V-girl has her eye on one of his presents!

Here he is with some of his favorite presents...
 We got him an (already loved my some other person), spy jacket.

L-girl made him a Ninjago pillow case.
A-girl made him a book bag/stuff bag that I somehow didn't get a picture of here.  It is a canvas bag that she put camo pockets on in varying sizes so he can haul his stuff around more easily.  He is always climbing trees and just hanging out, so this way he can bring his essential with him.  I came out of the house one day a week or so ago and Rainman said, "Look where he is and what he is doing."  A-man was perched up in a tree reading.  Rainman said he had been there for about 45 minutes.  I used to do that when I was little.  I didn't always climb a tree, but I would go out in the woods and find a log or a big old tree trunk to lean against and just read.

Loving little S-girl statue thing we have going on here. 
Can't you just sort of see what A-man is going to look like all grown up in this one?  My heart hurts....
But, for now, he is still my little snuggle dude and I will take it.  For the last picture, I will show you the shot that I actually was able to capture with my very fickle, moody camera of him opening up his spy watch....
Love you, A-man!