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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Doing The Mom Thing

The blog has been quiet lately.  But, that doesn't mean there aren't things happening in my life.

It hasn't been anything earth shattering.

Just......doing the "mom" thing.

Grocery shopping.

Making Christmas cookies. (That we have given all away, so now I have to make some more today so we have some to eat and some to leave for Santa)

Christmas caroling (I was sad that I had a few eye rollers/complainers this year----however, all eye rollers were happy in the end because, in their words, "Everyone was SO happy to see us!")

Volunteering here and there.

Shopping. (Spending more than we had intended because we kept having to "even" things out among the kids)

Ten hour road trips to see family for 24 hours then drive another 10 hours home.

Reminding the children (and husband) to wash their hands every time I turn around so nobody succumbs to whatever icky thing that is floating around.

Trying to build/run my new Jamberry business. (Still TOTALLY digging my nails!)

Laundry. (Especially because I said that I wasn't going to let any of the kids open their presents until their rooms were completely clean.  Yes, I sort of shot myself in the foot with that one, didn't I?)

Dishes (yes, I am still the only one that realizes that pots and pans need to actually be washed and not just shoved around on the counter)

I now have 2 partially unpacked suitcases on my bedroom floor.  The first is from my trip to Minnesota over Thanksgiving and the second is from my trip to Indiana last weekend.

We are having our Christmas Dinner at lunchtime today because Rainman is working tomorrow.  My turkey is in the oven, but my potatoes are waiting to be peeled and my green bean casserole is awaiting my magic.  (That is one of the things that my kids love "my" version of waaaaay better than anyone else's!)

I still have not wrapped one single gift.

So, as soon as I finish this post, I am banishing my children to the basement, I am turning on White Christmas (because for some reason all my people are lukewarm about one of the greatest movies ever) and I will wrap until my legs fall asleep from trying to sit on the couch/floor to get them wrapped.

We will attend both Christmas Eve services at our church tonight (kids are in the live Nativity at the early service and I am singing O Holy Night at the late service).  Rainman will attend his church's service somewhere in there too.

Then, since Rainman is working tomorrow, we will all get up early to open presents from each other and Santa.  Hopefully, we can get everyone to bed sort of early tonight....since Santa can't come until they fall asleep....and Rainman has to leave for work a little after 9:00 a.m.

So, yeah....just doing the mom thing around all of you.

Tiring, but worth it.