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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back To School

Yes, Minnesota friends, we are back to school already.

Doug actually started last Monday, August 5th....but the rest of us started on the 11th.

The start of school was a bit more stressful than it usually is this time of year.  The reason?  Every single school supply and book we needed had been haphazardly back into an unlabeled box or bin back in March and put into a dark storage room at a friend's house.

So, first, Rainman and I had to remember everything we needed for 1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th grade.  We usually have the advantage of everything being on the proper shelf to jump out and remind us as we are planning for the year.

So, once we thought we had remembered everything, it was off on an adventure in Sherri's basement.

It took us 5 times I think to come up with what we now have.....which still isn't everything.  We haven't found 1 book that L-girl needs and poor A-girl...we don't have her correct science curriculum....she has is just isn't the "right" one.  And, she is missing 2 of her historical fiction books that go with her curriculum.  Luckily we were able to get them on Kindle....but A-girl and I  both would prefer a physical copy of the book, so we can easily swish around in the pages to find the answers for some of the comprehension questions.

But, overall, it has been a good week.

So, since everyone was posted their super cute, Pinterest inspired back to school shots with their kids in shiny, new clothes and shiny new backpacks, holding up the cute signs that tell what year and what grade their children are in, I thought I would post our "First Day of School" shots from a homeschooling perspective.

1st grade

3rd grade

6th grade

8th grade
Doesn't 8th grade look like fun?  She gets to do a lot of her school in bed.  The only problem?  She has a very heavy load this year.  I totally don't mind that she does what she can in bed.  Her body is young, it can handle the aches and pains and kinks that she will get from reading there!
I forgot to take a picture of D-man's first is V-girl doing her best to distract her fellow students.

We recently watched that is what she "is".