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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Big Birthday Month

August is another big birthday month in our household....just like April.  There are 3 birthdays in April:  A-girl, L-girl and S-girl and 3 birthdays in August:  Me, Rainman and V-girl.

I started out the month....but I have no pictures of that.  No cake.  No party.  I did get honest to goodness breakfast in bed served by my April birthday girls.  They actually truly surprised me too.  You know how usually they end up banging around and whisper fighting so much that you are laying in bed wanting to get up, but you can't because you know you will spoil their surprise?  Well, they actually set their alarm and got up before I normally get up and really when they walked into my room and touched my arm, I was surprised!!!

My birthday was a very grown up kind of birthday...not much pomp and circumstance...but, it was still pretty good.  They gave me a blender.

Next, we move onto Rainman's birthday.  I used to make a pretty big deal out of his birthdays (because, really that is what I want/wanted), but after him repeatedly asking me not to do that and him repeatedly telling me that he really doesn't want a big fuss on his birthday...I have finally listened and obeyed.

So, his was laid back too....although I was a bit miffed at him that he went into my purse and got out my receipts the night before his birthday...then proceeded to ask me what the item, that just happened to be his birthday present, was and why I had bought it.   Grrr.....

He played some golf.  I cooked him one of his favorite meals. The big girls and I made him a cake.  It was actually cupcakes and after the initial idea and brainstorming girls took over.  It was kind of nice to relax a bit....

We did a golf hole....see? The t-boxes, the saltine cart path, the water, the bunkers and the flag?  It turned out cute.  He loved it.

I made him one of his favorite meals and....wait for it.....we actually ate in the dining room.  Something we haven't done since March....when we put our house on the market.  We added the leaf back in and brought in all the chairs....and had a family meal together at the same table.  It was funny and sad at the same time how excited the little ones were that we were going to eat all together at the same table!

There were no leftovers. 
Next up was V-girl's birthday, but I will save that for another day.