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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Medieval Times

Have any of you gone there?  We used to drive by the one outside of Chicago everytime we would go visit Rainman's family.  We saw one advertised in Myrtle Beach last spring, but couldn't go.

Then, my mom and one of my sisters came down to visit us and mentioned the possibility of spending at a night at Medieval Times.  My mom treated us all!

I was thrilled, because I was pretty bummed that we hadn't been able to go when we were in Myrtle Beach.

My kids had a blast.  My nephews (who are practically grown ups) said it was the highlight of their vacation.  I will assume that they meant the highlight after getting to spend some time with their dear old Auntie Kayla......

So, you are seated in sections where you are assigned a knight to cheer for.  Our knight was the most smiley knight I have ever seen.  He truly seemed happy and like he was having fun out there.

There was another special performer, who wasn't one of the knights competing, that pranced around with a trick horse.  Everytime he rode by, I just kept saying to myself, "Wow, he looks just  like my nephew!"

What do you think?

Now all my nephew needs to do is learn how to ride a horse, learn to joust, learn to fence, learn sword fighting, learn how to take a fall off a horse, learn how to defend himself against an ax and a ball with spikey things.....and he can come live with me in Georgia!!!

My little girls got to have their picture taken with the Princess (who was lovely, but sounded waaaaaay to much like a Disney Princess than necessary).

And, our Smiley Knight won the battles that knight!  Woo Hoo!

It was fun.  The food was good.  The only bad thing is that my kids were so spread out among my family that I couldn't see their little faces....if you know what I mean.  And, I had to say goodbye to my mom and sister in the lobby afterwards.  Yes, I cried.  Yes, I was made fun of....I can't help it.  When I am in my daily life down here, I miss my family.....but, when they are here and part of my daily life....even if it is just for 2 days.....I MISS MY FAMILY.  You know?