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Saturday, August 31, 2013

V-Girl Gets Gum!

In our house, the rule is you cannot chew gum until you are 4.

Do I have cheaters amongst my tribe?  Yes.

But, the hard and fast rule is that turning 4 is a big deal because they get to chew gum (officially and not just the stolen goods that they take into someone's closet!)

V-girl turned 4 in August....which means, since she was 2 weeks old when we moved, I have been a Georgia girl for 4 years now!  That is just crazy!!!

Anyway, she had a stellar day.

She (with a little prompting from her mother who still had to finish decorating her cake) picked her Daddy to go out to lunch with.  She came down all ready for her birthday date.

Hair all fixed....and pearls....the pearls are killing me....

Daddy had apparently also promised her he would take her to the driving range for her birthday, so after lunch they did that....which allowed me to get her cake done.

Not my neatest work, but I a was particularly proud of my Starburst rosettes on the skirt!

Remind me to tell you about this fabulous pan that I used for the bottom layer...

my neice, Becky, wants me to sell this stuff (and I am not a salesperson....but I love this pan!)

We moved onto candle blowing (which of course my camera didn't capture)

See?  The tell-tale smoke.

She is holding her gift from D-man, that she picked out herself at Goodwill.

A-man gave her his old Spiderman suit that doesn't fit him anymore.

L-girl made her a purse and gave her some gum.

(Isn't L-girl adorable in braids???)

Rainman and I gave her a set of golf clubs....

A-girl and S-girl gave her some miscellaneous things...lip gloss, Twizzlers, etc.

I can't believe my youngest child is 4.  That has never happened.  I have always had another baby.  I still want another baby and since spending time at our family reunion this summer with 2 new babies.....the kids, especially V-girl is on Team Baby now too! 

We will see what God has in store for us.  I am in my mid-40's, so the chances that I "have" another baby are slim...but, both Rainman and I are open to the idea of adopting from a teen mom or something.  We will see.  I am rambling now, I know....I just really can't believe that V-girl is already 4!  Happy Birthday, sweetheart!