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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let's Jump from Halloween to Christmas, Shall We?

We had a nice Thanksgiving and celebrated with friends, since Rainman had to work a 12 hour shift that day.

So, let's just jump to Christmas stuff.  Okay?

Have I told you lately how much I love our new house?

We have room for our Christmas tree....and we didn't have to remove half the furniture from the room first!  Plus we had room to put Rainman's train around the bottom!  We have never done that.  Granted, partly because we always had little babies that wouldn't leave it alone.....but, also partly due to the fact that we had no room!!!

Look at it over there in the corner with its crooked star! 

The three littlest participated in our church Christmas play, Chrismon program.

A-man was a kid shopping for the perfect Christmas tree.  He got a new haircut and asked me to actually put some "stuff" in it and style it for him!  Isn't he starting to look old and sortly of manly already?!?!?

S-girl was an angel and V-girl was, apparently, a freakishly happy and a little bit creepy Gift of Forgiveness.

Here, let's try this one, instead.....

Okay, that is much better....a lot less psycho!

Aren't they cute?

I finished 99% of my shopping!  Yay!  Just a few little filler things needed.

Five of the kids are singing tonight at our Womens Dinner at our church.  It is really cute.  They are singing Happy Birthday, Jesus.  D-man is running the sound, so he can't sing too....but I am hoping he will get a video tape of it....and that they aren't so nervous that they won't be able to sing in front of the ladies!

I worry about S-girl mostly.  Who so desires to perform....but gets horrible stage fright even when it is just us.  Her hands shake and everything.  She and V-girl wrote some songs and performed them for us last week.  S-girl started with her back to us...and then half way through the song was finally able to turn around and sing to us....although she never once looked up from her words.

V-girl was only a little embarrassed to perform her original song....(she dictated the words to A-girl, who wrote them down for her)....then she sang it reading the words, even flipping the page over half way through.....and all without being able to actually read!

Here is a close up of some of the words!

This was our view of S-girl (after she turned around for us)

I just love these kids so much....and these little moments that are just ours (well....and yours, I guess, since I share a bit of them here)....but you know what I mean.