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Friday, October 16, 2015

Little Boy - Review

We got the chance to watch a movie from called Little Boy.

 Have you heard of that movie?  I had heard of it, but had never seen it.

I am going to be painfully honest with you here.  I got this movie and was even kind of excited about watching it.

My lovely children,  however, all moaned and groaned when I said it was a review movie and I wanted to watch it together as a family.  All of them.

I was annoyed with them....and had decided that I would just watch it without them then!  (That would show them, right?  Hahahahaha!)  Then, when A-girl was packing up movies for the road trip, I noticed her include Little Boy, but I didn't say anything.

On our trip home from Florida, I asked one of the big kids to switch spots with me, because my feet were swollen from all the walking we did and I needed to sit somewhere that I could put them up.  D-man volunteered.  A-girl was in the seat of power right next to the DVD player in the van.  She flashed the Little Boy box at me and said, "Do you want to watch this one?"  Well, yes, I do.

So, she put it in, and she and L-girl promptly announced that they were kind of sleepy, so they would probably take a nap while we watched it.  A-man groaned and said, "Oh....not this one!"

Insert an evil maniacal laugh here.  Oh, how they would all get sucked into to Little Boy.  In order to hear movies in the van, we have to plug in these external speakers that we haul around with us.  But, they were acting up and sort of petering out on us.  So, the volume wouldn't turn up very high. As to movie went on, I noticed that everyone was sort of leaning in, straining to hear what was being said in the movie.

Because, it was that good.

Even setting aside the actual message of the was a fantastic movie.

The acting was spectacular, from the little boy who played "Little Boy" up to all the supporting roles.

The story was great.

The message was great.

The costumes from the 40s time period were awesome.

Of course, I did the whole "I told you so" that all good moms do.  Wait.  What?  You guys don't do that?  Oh.  Emoji

I asked them why they had been so whiny about watching this movie.  Each one of them referenced an old documentary I had made them watch once about George Washington Carver.  I will admit I thought that one was far more interesting than they did.  They had gotten in their head that if it was for a review, then it was going to be...gasp.....educational or something horrific like that!  Ha!

It was a really, really good movie.

The cast of Little Boy is nothing to insult either.

David Henrie (the kids recognized him from Wizards of Waverly Place), Kevin James (we recognized as Paul Blart - one of our all time favorite movies),  Emily Watson (who I recognized as somebody that I knew had been in a lot of critically acclaimed movies that I couldn't name), Michael Rapaport who I hadn't seen in awhile, and Tom Wilkinson (who I was pretty sure had won an Oscar recently...come to think of it, I think Emily Watson did too).    There was also Abraham Benrubi (from ER) and Ali Landry (from the Doritos commercial and her brief marriage to Mario Lopez).  Lots and lots of interesting actors.

I really don't want to tell you too much about the plot, other than it takes place during World War 2.  We laughed.  We cried. (Like, honestly, one time, I so wanted to do the ugly cry out loud kind that I wanted to do the first time I saw The Notebook - that kind of cry.  The kids kept sneaking peaks at me too - because they always find it amusing when mom cries.  LOL) We held our breath.  We cheered when things went well.  We booed when they didn't.  Seriously, it was the kind of movie that I imagined people watching in the theater and doing all of those things....clapping...shouting at the screen....cheering.  You know?

We LOVED this movie.  We highly recommend this movie.  The kids have already asked if we can watch it again now that we are home so we can have normal sound and really hear some of the stuff we missed by watching in the van with the funky speakers!

Here is what the kids had to say:

A-girl: "It was a good movie.  A terrible movie.  Then, a good movie again.  Then, it was a bad movie.  Not exactly sure how I feel about the end." (Ringing endorsement right?)

L-girl:  "It was really entertaining.  At first, I didn't think it was going to be, but it really was!  Overall it was a really good movie."

A-man:  "It was in the top 3 of the best movies I have seen in 2015....well, I guess last year too."

S-girl:  "It as a bad movie and then a good movie."

V-girl:  "It was good at first, but then, in the middle, I still thought it was good, and then when the mom cried and I thought it was bad."

I just love that there is a company like that makes these kinds of movies available and you know that they are good, solid, family movies.  (So you won't have the situation we did the one year after D-man turned 13, so we gave him a PG-13 movie.  A little movie called Vacation.  We remembered it being really funny.  Then we sat down to watch it with him and Rainman and I kept giving each other uncomfortable looks over his head.  We didn't remember half of the bad stuff that was in there.  We actually ended up turning it off and apologizing to him. )

You will not have that problem with FishFlix movies.  We have been lucky enough to review before and I still love them and their offerings.  You can get a copy of this movie for $18.99 and many others are over there too.

I wholeheartedly recommend this movie.  LOVED IT.  But, there are lots and lots of other great titles available on their site too.  So, make sure to look around a bit.

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